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so Longyan furious at midnight surprise

May 30, 2007 , the stock market crash in MBT 's history is not really unprecedented, but it is the MBT Shoes investors have experienced the most fearful and the most incredible day, it is important to build up a financial milestone , because this day is marked the public policy of the MBT Shoes government 's reputation and authority in the stock market suffered the same resistance, which may become a MBT Shoes city began a comprehensive settlement policy . Under the cruel government should clarify their role and position , from a policy of transparency and policy credibility , etc. so that the stock market risk , market to be cautious , the risk entirely as an investment rather than risk policy risks , so that national credit real transmutation of The market of credit . Governments and investors on both sides of the market 's fundamental values should be consistent , to create a stable, healthy , competitive market is the civilization of investors and governments a common goal, regardless of boom or slump , both sides can be non- select the items. Face of the market crash, the government should not remain terrible silence , but should take the initiative to explain their policy goals market , to prevent policy reversal of the market turning point . For investors concerned about the capital gains tax , interest rates and other policy measures , the government should learn from the Fed , prior to the public release of constantly correct information . For investors, should soothe emotions , the correct response , and governments choose to cooperate rather than rivalry , as the media said, the government and investors should choose the dance instead of use of force to promote the healthy and stable development of the stock market . Meanwhile the government to show courage and determination warrior arm , and ultimately out of the market , regulatory and institutional building good peace of mind , the market could return to rational . The government has introduced initiatives to increase the stamp duty , be considered as investors, toast Monastic , the face , and that if investors continue to Final Fantasy , the release of state-owned shares or capital gains tax and other more severe repression measures are not impossible , to deal with the government some overheated stock market means just out of care market considerations have been forbear hair , guessed these good intentions regarded by investors as weak and wanton ridicule , so Longyan furious at midnight surprise , stock plunge .



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