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Replica Belts real estate industry in the ubiquitous

Replica Belts real estate industry in the ubiquitous phenomenon of corruption, rent-seeking , high prices led to an important cause . Rand Consulting worked a $ 50 billion asset size of a large real estate company providing advisory services , audit commissioned by the Board of Directors , http://www.adagenciesinaction.org/ the real estate development process to conduct a comprehensive combing research, concluded that a total of 116 rent-seeking point . In order to thoroughly combing the real estate industry corruption rent-seeking behavior , Rand consultation conducted in accordance with the three market analysis , land development , real estate development of secondary and tertiary operations use . Most companies tend to be construed as a whole value chain of real estate . If you continue to breakdown links, the whole value chain of real estate can be assigned up to 120-130 a specific link , where you can have a clear point of 116 rent-seeking , the basic real estate accounted for 95% of the whole industry chain. http://www.adagenciesinaction.org/replica-gucci/replica-gucci-belts.html Involved in the real estate industry links, corrupt rent-seekers , too. Apart levels of government, construction, planning , housing management, land management, audit and tax departments , real estate corruption rent-seekers also include banking, real estate development enterprises inside, even including self-employed contractor , households , etc. in the second stage of real estate development , for example, to get from the project , running various approvals, product planning and planning, procurement tenders , marketing , construction , etc., each link the existence of rent-seeking space. these rent-seeking both from external government agencies , but also by internal staff , such as from the sale of part of view, insurance companies and mortgage banks in order to compete for business, will secretly to business leaders and managers payment of benefits ; while advertising , marketing planning company , http://www.adagenciesinaction.org/fake-gucci/fake-gucci-belts.html even in recent years because of the purchase of various gray card, the back room number of employees who will give high commissions or benefits , this is unspoken secret in the real estate industry . corruption in the power sector and real estate-related rent-seeking officials have long criticized by the parties . professor of Beijing University of Technology Zhao said that the means of corruption, rent-seeking variety , there are companies through legitimate means such as negotiation , http://www.adagenciesinaction.org/gucci-replica/gucci-belts-replica.html lobbying to fight for preferential treatment , the use of special policies to safeguard their monopoly , they are also illegal means such as bribery , abuse of power , as well as between legal gray between rent-seeking illegal means , such as arbitrary charges collective rent-seeking , etc.



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