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rather love have to prepare the money

Simone only has a strong lineup, long season if they multi-line invincible battle from beginning to end, it is against law of science. And perform strangulation type, cardiac life type play atletico Madrid, belong to yuan tube self-destruction figure on the sidelines of the helpless, have you noticed diego - costa times for doctors impatience? Cash-strapped real Madrid and atletico Madrid challenge soldier will be more widely as a team to play the two teams, it's not fair, but in real life, this kind of injustice abound. Warren buffett has a penetrating view, all the essence is the result of a looking forward to the world: money first, and then making money with money, http://www.brioenergy.in/node/118/ and then with a lot of money to earn a lot of money. All green giants are piling up with money, 650 million euros in real Madrid in recent five years, the BBC combination worth reached 230 million, snowball's mode of operation to make them keep luxury lineup configuration, keep competing in the champions league in the capital. Real Madrid and relationship with city rivals atletico Madrid, unlike internazionale, somewhat similar to river plate and boca juniors, is a rich man's team, is a poor team, there are natural class hatred. With deep pockets of real Madrid even in big ear cup this year, next year is big popular; Atletico Madrid missed govinda opportunity, don't know what qualifications will interpret a dream. Sheets legion for 40 years is expected to make up for the champions league, is to wait 40 years after repeat it? Tall, always have bundle on opportunity to squander, poor ugly stupid little chance - love has the opportunity to prepare the people, rather love have to prepare the money.



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