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No matter big government or small government

http://www.annamariahemingway.com/Listing out the power, is more important than the convenient public oversight of significance lies in the fact that will reduce the delegate from the top-down system reform is a universal participation in the reform, the future what the cancellation or down administrative examination and approval items, people can put forward opinions, the pressure of public opinion can be formed, it is difficult for crack vested interests to cut meat. For preventing corruption, bask in the power list already belongs to the category of the cure. Unchecked power has two characteristics, one is natural and expansionary, 2 it is closed operation, produce all corruption is enough. So-called supervision of power operation, the premise is to see clearly the boundary of the power operation, know what the government can do and what not to do, otherwise the supervision is impossible. Listing will power drying out, will be greatly compressed power manipulation space; Power to expand in order to get some kind of illegal interests, but also it will be difficult to cross the step. Public listing of administrative examination and approval items, its essence is clearing on the border of government power. No matter big government or small government, must be a limited government, and one of the symbols of limited government is the government itself on the function, the power and the behavior restricted by the law and society and the effective restriction. In this sense, the public listing of administrative examination and approval items, is to build a limited government is extremely important and critical step. Both inside and outside, online and offline, not only one person feeling:



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