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means that the professional property

All of these, means that the professional property of civil servants is returning to normal, no longer is the symbol of identity, status, but only ordinary one of the three hundred and sixty lines. Can be optimistically expected, as long as the system continues, http://www.egmisr.com/ young people like became a public examination situation will continue to ease. If yes, is more and more people choose a career will follow the heart ideal, the pursuit of self actualization of personal values, instead of with a passion for the system of welfare; Test and that the male will be transformed into those young people who have a real political ideal competition stage, so as to make the civil servants to get purification and optimization. Anyway, this is happy and anticipated change. Late February 13, liang-fon estate located in zhangzhou's procuratorate on weibo, in a news release on the court prosecutor Huang Hongzhang marriage disputes to respond, and disclose the procuratorate given Huang Hongzhang removed sanctions decision. Things from netizen has, then ZhangPu procuratorate Huang Hongzhang and deputy director of the auditing department a woman of wedlock, and abandon the woman, another family good woman to marry. (the straits metropolis daily on February 15) liang-fon estate located colin's procuratorate propaganda section chief, said the hospital on weibo timely response by the users of praise. In fact, the decision is there are a lot of people, but also caused some to question, the main reason is that the love marriage was a private affair, no part official virtue, prosecutors Huang Hongzhang was removed from his post, the punishment is too heavy. http://www.extremedumbbellfitness.com/ Fact netizens say Huang Hongzhang is contemporary chen2 shi4 mei3.



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