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How should we interpret the afternoon

Huashenjituan ( 000,790 ) , the recent performance is quite eye-catching. More weeks , for example, the stock single week total rose to 18% , becoming a hot stock market last week one . Huashenjituan production Licartin , using the world's first implementation of radionuclide labeled monoclonal antibodies targeted therapy of liver cancer gene medicines. From the therapeutic point of view, is relatively satisfactory. However, from the company 's performance in recent years, the situation analysis, is not so favorable . The reason is mainly the company's products did not enter a valid point of return on the company's performance did not form a significant improvement. However, with the continuous improvement of products , the future is expected to improve the company's fundamentals . Analyzed as a whole , the stock will continue to high shock.
As a recent cancer concept of popular varieties , will surely be the future trend of the market further attention. With the expansion of new essential drugs list and the deterioration of cancer incidence , cancer and long-term potential of varieties can still look forward to. However , for some speculation by large stocks , investors should wait to avoid the risk. How to interpret the afternoon plunge trend ?
Today the market showing a trend fluctuated up and down space reaches 62 points . Weight by some early varieties drag down the index a rapid sell into the trend , and hit a low of 2250 points . Subsequently, established by the new management news, market rapid surge in the pattern, once breaking the 2300 mark integer . Unfortunately, the afternoon market has not extended the morning rally , but the shock downward pattern. Since 2444.8 highs since the market has fallen space close to 200 points, or nearly 8%. After a short-term downtrend quickly after the broader market bottomed out yet ? How should we interpret the afternoon plunge trend then ?



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