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Hermes Beltese cultural exchange

Sino-Hermes Beltese cultural exchange event frequently lately, Hermes Belt sumo in Cheap Belt such as the premiere, replica hermes belt like the Hermes Beltese traditional to Cheap Belt culture is full of interest, the Replica Belt also for Hermes Beltese culture soul full of curiosity and novelty. Mention Replica Belt famous dancer Yang liping, people will naturally think of classic pavan, and moonlight, two trees. hermes belt men .. On September 27, the beautiful peacock flew to Hermes, for march next year musical yunnan image in preparing for Hermes Belt's performance. She, dressed in colorful traditional Replica Belt clothing, hermes belt cheap or the beautiful peacock, forever go, radiant.

When reporters asked her, whether to narita airport, all eyes were focused on here to you. Yang liping smiled: yes, at home, people to see this outfit, know it's Yang liping. Interview in Yang liping's hotel. The room immediately hung up the image of yu hermes belt buckle nnan large poster, here also into the stage of Yang liping, while speaking, her long nails art like an elf, swoop from time to time, no, Yang liping oneself like a demon, symbiosis with dance forever...

She told reporters, yunnan image in Hermes Belt next year performance is basically the original, believe that the Hermes Beltese audience can accept Cheap Belt's original dance. Yang liping to Hermes Belt before, mostly access performance, in March, she shows the image of yunnan is the first time in Hermes Belt for business performance, make Cheap Belt's national dance into the mainstream society of Hermes Belt, Hermes Belt's TBS and the organizers in Replica Belt enterprises, sun group co., LTD., is a bold attempt.

Yang liping said, believe that the overseas Replica Belt in Hermes Belt to see art from the nation, is bound to cause emotional resonance. Dynamic yunnan is the masterpiece of Yang liping, she debuted as the song-and-dance lumped director and artistic director, and the lead, this is a useless story as structure is contained all the connotation of grand original musical wor hermes h belt ks. Performed include the nature of heaven and earth, humanity, and back on the origin of life, celebration in the process of life and life eternal hope.

cheap hermes belts http://www.micompostela.com/ Dynamic yunnan will dance art returns to a state it's origin. Use a lot of real property, the entire dance 10 meters of the sun drum, dozens of kilograms of true stone, dancers wear is to embroider to embroider flower waist dress for five years. Concentrated in singing and dancing, the native, the national song and dance of of primitive simplicity and new artistic conception of collision, a specific dynamic yunnan to the audience.

The play embodies sixty-two drum drum, drum wind rhyme, also show one hundred and twenty masks with yunnan ethnic characteristics. Valuable is that dynamic yunnan performance operation completely market road, on August 8, 2003, dynamic yunnan synagogue hermes replica belt official debut in kunming and a cannon dozen red, get the ministry of culture acclamation. Dynamic yunnan tour in all parts of the country, famous by the audience in the orthodox art forms are not social atmosphere, the success of the dynamic yunnan am letting a person, this is an amazing cultural phenomenon.



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