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he 's well-being for the people

Belt out of a Mao Zedong , he 's well-being for the people , he is our savior , almost all Replica Belts people put hope and future pinned on him, when that when he built an altar to accept the generation of the decree by His holy name, and also one after another after another disaster . Mao was an atheist , a Marxist , may not happen to believe in yourself and the people who suffering with his fate have any contact . And any one of idealists believed that Mao's personal will almost pushed the nation to the edge of the cliff , and Mao Zedong's decision to give the people of this country and brought a series of bad luck . Violent revolution to seize victory is still violence ( class struggle ) came to power , political campaigns actually harm many people died ? Simply can not identify . Ye said, Cultural Revolution dead two thousand people , the whole of one hundred million people . What do these numbers mean ? Clarify it? Looking further ahead , a war of liberation deaths of thousands of innocent compatriots but also , more innocent people are tortured to death after the founding of such a great savior was hanging in the mouth of the people , who really saved ? Today, there are still some places in the erection of the statue of Mao Zedong , some people prefer to recycling altar, Mao Zedong hailed as a saint



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