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from involving officials property of

not the norm mechanism, strictly speaking, even the official property of the public is not pilot. In this case, zero complaint zero objection is really not a good result. Once upon a time, we are the pilot cities of the official property of the public expectations, and praise, and to give enough tolerance, always feel that all things are difficult before they are easy, officials of the public property as long as the head, is a kind of progress. Now, it seems, the head is not good, like a vase, ornamental is greater than the actual meaning, the significance of in-depth, leaving only a fragment. Originally, the xinjiang aletai pilot is doing the best, the official property of the public more detailed content, is not limited to the public within the system, but since the system of discipline inspection commission secretary before driving, aletai wei-ping wu died because of illness in 2010, the pilot is end. Model for the failure of government once again tell us, by official personal political ideals and moral conscience to push a reform of the system, is a pipe dream. We need what kind of officials property disclosure regime? May be found in the American experience for reference. American experience up to four, one is the content of the official property declaration in detail, from involving officials property of individuals and their families, including honoraria by more than $100, must declare;



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