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enabled auto show model

enabled auto show model , which was originally to automotive steel products to create a warm atmosphere that , in fact, to meet the appetite to build Heung Che beauty patriarchal society . Our history is not long show organized to enable a shorter history of car models , but the role model of the car to the limit , and some even feature toward the opposite. Because not many car companies will make money only to have much effect thing. Anything for the people, their utility has a limit, there will be more negative effect. For example, for a hungry people , the same cake, the first one of the largest utility , just for him to eat a piece of utility is 0 , eat , pancake utility is the negative of the ( eat up uncomfortable ) . For the use of the model , is it not so? Moreover , there's a problem -oriented , if the organizers of the audience's attention is drawn to the model body , that after the spectacular, what will get out of it ? Excessive use of popular car models to create the exhibition , like excessive packaging of goods in general, although looks gorgeous , http://www.gudulafsarkoyu.com/ blinded while, but sooner or later will be discarded by consumers. Not only wasteful, but also dilutes the product itself functions soar up . If you want to create a brand , it really is better to use the model to save a little less money, do a bit of social welfare activities, that effect may be better. ( Photo from Internet ) would have thought that this man is that I can rely on for a lifetime , can be entrusted to man for life . At the beginning of intercourse during the days , he did so, he hurt me, good for me to the bone . So intercourse for six months, and just like married life together. This stage, he is entrepreneurial , but the cause has also been significant progress , to be honest , I am also the case celebrate in his heart , I feel that the election is a dark horse . Although when I associate with him , my family and even girlfriends are not much in favor . However, I still believe that their own choices.



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