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continue to raise tuition possibility does not exist

Third, continue to raise tuition possibility does not exist . University tuition and fees 8,000 yuan per year , almost reached the ceiling , the education authority injunctions may further increase the thorough investigation of the university overcharged. Therefore, the main way to increase the resources of higher education - government funding , bank loans and tuition fees - almost all were blocked , higher education to continue to expand the scale and improve the quality , Where ?
Universities sprawl with local interests has a close relationship , the expansion of colleges and universities can bring the original local GDP growth and prosperity of the surrounding area real estate market , many local governments to actively address and mitigate the considerable problem of insufficient funding universities , precisely because there is the local government support , bank loans also eliminate the worries. According to reports , the earlier the southeast coast of a university because of loan amount is too high, the loss of ability to repay , and ultimately under the mediation of the local government in order to replace approach, http://www.arizonaasap.com go to another one university sects , to resolve the debt crisis. In fact, in some places, the government has to pay for it . Zhejiang Provincial Government has recently decided to come up with four billion yuan fiscal , loan interest subsidies University , Henan provincial government was also considering to come up with funds for the school repay 1/ 3 interest . Because of the state 's public universities , thus, unable to repay the debt to the school to pay even become understandable countries also granted.



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