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Cheap Hermes Belts watching Korean

globalization is met. And east Asia society took the lead through many changes in social and other problems, gucci belt in the recent rapid economic growth also strongly felt. People feel in the play the quite strong cultural differences and the difference between the lifestyle of curiosity and attraction, and often feel the difference from the Korean dramas in the sense of deja vu all the more. Culture of similar, therefore, is to accept the psychological foundation of Korean dramas and accept this TV drama coincided with the feeling of otherness be controlled. Watching TV drama is, as it were, distance, Cheap Hermes Belts watching Korean dramas is close. Therefore, subjects such as fall in love with anchorwoman is now a strong interest in Replica Gucci Belts audiences. Because of gucci belt's media environment, people's cultural psychology and perception of women, and so on and performance have great similarities in Korean dramas. And localization by adapting to the subject matter is a very important work, it can keep the original features and idea, makes the mature experience and proven effective way continues, then there will be creative to create and to integrate, to adapt the localization and become gucci belt's market and the public interests of new works. It shows that intense competition in zhejiang satellite TV has a comfortable new attempt in the history of Replica Gucci Belts provincial satellite TV platform and strategic vision. Start with I love remember lyrics platform for the integration of the resources of the east Asian pop culture and successfully to localization efforts by homemade fall in love with anchorwoman arguably formed a relatively complete concept and idea, and the present pattern of Replica Gucci Belts TV also need this new form. It has triggered concern and discussion, it is not accidental, it shows that gucci belt's openness and flexibility of culture entertainment itself through the efforts of the localization and construct their own new form, also suggests that gucci belt's cultural consumption and services has reached the critical point of its explosive growth. And that's exactly what a great new opportunity and the possibility of cultural and creative industries. We can see that the zhejiang satellite TV is keen grasp this opportunity. Think what is more important than how to recently, many people are concerned about gucci belt's soft power , concerns the challenges faced by Replica Gucci Belts culture going out. We tend to be focused by people understanding of gucci belt and gucci belt's influence is sufficient, the insights and value of Replica Gucci Belts would be able to get recognition and understanding of the world. These are very important, of course, we also feel the urgency of the these problems for us. But in fact, the so-called soft power has another serious problem, but the problem is more covert and more is not obvious, but its decision function deserves our high degree of concern. This is the problem about the topics and agenda setting. This is an import Fake Gucci Belt ant concept in the study of mass communicat Replica Gucci Belts ion, but are not limited in the field of communication, but in the entire history of the cultural, social and economic problems are exist. According to the communication the simple definition of textbook, the so-called issues and agenda setting is may not tell us how to think, but you can tell us what to think problem. Here, the first is to give an issue, from professional or special field to attract the public's concerns. Then this issue can be amplified, constitute a sustained attention agenda, for the public and social circled around this problem, it is difficult to get rid of the influence of the problem, no matter which kind of view you hold, but the problem you think is crucial, cannot be ignored. Have so many issues worthy of attention in the world, but what topics can be widespread public concern and discussion is not random, but after carefully set, after a careful operation and arrangement. In fact, to issue the public will have a different opinion, can think differently, but talk about it, don't discuss the topic, let issues become the true meaning of the public agenda is more obvious. In today to the Internet and television, such as the center of the media one or more of the topics or news did not become a public agenda tends to be drowned in the sea of information, quickly will be a little like a spray or foam, fleeting, don't leave a mark. Today on the basis of attention economy, Replica Louis Vuitton Belts to attract eyeball as the goal of the media in the world, can't become a common topic, the news or cultural trend is not worthy of attention, it is impossible to get continuous in-depth discussions. Mastered the ability to set the agenda, will be active everywhere, let you to run out in my community. And follow other people's issues and dance on the agenda, is a bit like sun wukong in the hand of the tathagata, longitudinal has great skill and ability, also have different opinions, but in the end or in the space of others set activity, Cheap Gucci Belts difficult to get rid of the passive situation.



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