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As for Mei Lanfang and Assembly is

As for Mei Lanfang and Assembly is also clearly a breakthrough old large mode works where one side is the director of personal development, such as Ang Lee changed the Crouching Tiger model, and select a new theme. Mei Lanfang is Chen Kaige from The Promise theme, into a new world works. As for the assembly is Feng Xiaogang significant expansion in terms of subject matter, but these works again and the director of feelings and personal qualities have profound ties to show their good personality, so it's worth the wait. other On the one hand, these films for the blockbuster type of model is new exploration. then blockbuster is a type, whereas today these tracts is a new look and new possibilities, http://www.brioenergy.in/node/124/ which shows the large in mode once established, with the development of market demand, Replica Belt movies or in the global market may have a new act. stock market has a sector rotation 'concept, main point is that one type of stock in a period with rise, then another type of stock prices.



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