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A shooting in this reform

A shooting in this reform , there are 44 children at the University Mingnan Ke brave and passionate attachment to , reform leader ZQ also did not waver, they use their own actions to demonstrate the reformers respectable Department . The road to reform will not happen overnight , and promote a reform requires not only courage , but also patience and tenacity. It should be noted that the STSP ZQ reform is not just a person's career , as the Pathfinder , STSP can even say that the success of the entire Louboutin Shoes education relating to the future and to each of us may be able to benefit from it , therefore , we do this only as spectators , but should be advocating for them in their difficult times firmly stood behind them . According to Louboutin Shoes reported: June 7 , Christian Louboutin Dairy Industry Association and the Christian Louboutin Life Insurance Company's initial response against infant milk powder melamine incident related medical compensation fund questioned. According to the Christian Louboutin Association informed that milk , so far, 270,000 parents of children receiving compensation. However, key issues such as compensation for death , no clear accounts of the milk co .Christian Louboutin's dairy industry, the melamine incident shocking pain, but with the passage of time , the chemical name of this seemingly never really named after a disaster away from us . Sad line passing mechanism for follow-up treatment , so that the term wound people like ghostly heart.Melamine is exposed from the day , the children of the debts of the problem will become the focus of public opinion . In this play relates 300,000 children's lives and health of the incident, compensation milk prices embodies the most basic respect for life , but also the bottom line of public events from this requirement .When we reflect on supervision , reflection food safety , and even reflect on the moral bottom line , they will have only to see such a critical information is again obscured. How, as with public events , as well as compensation for lower than on the bottom line of children and more open and transparent than the compensation account the basic requirements?



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