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Tandoor Palace Has An Interesting Back Story: When I ate at Tandoor Palace on Fulton St. (at Gold) it seemed like a typical steam table Indian/Pakistani place, but it has more of a story than I thought. It's too bad I didn't order those mustard greens or the corn roti.

Tandoor Palace Makes Go-To Indian, Awesome Naan

There’s a strange complex of restaurants on Fulton Street that I’ve never ventured into, including a subterranean Thai place, a Chinese restaurant, a Russian bath and restaurant, and Tandoor Palace. I had my eye on the goat biryani at Tandoor, but I was feeling a little under the weather the day I went and instead went for one of the the steam table combos so I could get in and out a little quicker without sneezing on anyone. The ordering process is slightly confusing, and the workers kept slightly yelling at me asking what I wanted (My predecessor Kevin had a similar experience at Bangal Curry on Church St.), but I finally made a decision and yelled my order right back. See where all the yelling took place, after the jump.  Read more »