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Swich Shutters After Menu Revamp

 width=Swich, the pressed sandwich shop on Maiden Lane (btw. William & Gold) closed not too long after opening, and then reopened in April with a revamped menu and new look. Well, now it looks like they’re shuttered for good, according to a note I saw taped to the door yesterday. Check it out after the jump.  Read more »

Swich Brings Back A Popular Sandwich Off Menu

Sandwich shop Swich has brought back its Trojan Horse sandwich at the Maiden Lane location (and the one in Chelsea) due to complaints of it being taken away, but the hitch is that it’s off menu. It was on the original menu before its reboot, and John from Swich says that it will be “available indefinitely” and is $7.81. The ground lamb, mint, tzatziki and tomato combo sounds tasty, but I miss the Elvis that used to be on the menu. I’m pretty sure I was the only one who would order this banana, peanut butter and honey concoction, but it was delicious.

Swich 2.0: Still Tasty After the Reboot

Swich 020
Our friendly neighborhood Swich (83 Maiden Lane) reopened last week and before too much time went by, I wanted to make sure I got in there to see what the revamp was all about. After all, it really wasn’t open all that long before they shuttered up, announcing they’d be back shortly with a new sense of style and self-worth. Now with their fancy new awning, they’re back to show us what they’ve learned on their little spring break. Let’s see what they’ve got, shall we? Read more »

Swich Shuttered. Re-opening “Very Soon.”

Chris and I were surprised to see the relatively new Swich (on Maiden Lane btw. Gold and William) all papered up today. Not usually a good sign.

But a closer look at the sign on the door suggests that all’s well and that they’re just doing some minor work. Full story after the jump.

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A Hidden Bargain from Swich

As Zach pointed out to me, I’ve been on a bit of a hoity-toity binge lately. Pricey burgers, fancy cafes. I’m worried I’m going to start losing some Lunch’er cred soon. Fortunately, Chris has been keeping us on the right track with tasty pizza and cart food, and I promise to do some real bargain-hunting for next week.

In the meantime, though I returned to Swich the other day and found a cheap and wonderful surprise tucked away on the Sides section of their menu: For $2.50 you can get a heaping container of israeli couscous with herbs and cranberries. It’s not big enough to be lunch on its own, but it’s the perfect thing when that bacon-jalapeno slice doesn’t quite sate you.

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Swich’s ‘wiches Are a Notch Above the Rest

When I encounter restaurants that are trying to be cool, I usually turn and run for the hills. Fancy fonts, aggressive graphic designs, and cutely-named dishes are big red flags in my book, and I have a general rule that the more bells and whistles a restaurant has on its website, the worse its food is going to be. If you’re spending time on Flash animating a dancing cat in a chef’s hat rather than on perfecting your food, you need to get out of the restaurant business.

So by all rights Swich on Maiden Lane near Gold Street should have scared me off. The design screams “WE ARE A TRENDY PLACE TO GET A SANDWICH!” The menu offers “Deconstructed” sandwiches instead of salads. The website features a cartoon history of the place. Danger, Will Robinson!

But “the exception proves the rule,” as idiots are fond of saying. Despite the worrisome signs, Swich delivers interesting and well-made food that’s worth checking out.

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