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Ruchi Is A Rare Source Of Dosa In Lower Manhattan

The Indian restaurant Ruchi on Cedar St. (at Greenwich) would be easy to walk past without knowing it ever existed. The outside has been obscured by scaffolding for as long as I can remember, but if you work nearby you probably know the place for its 50% off lunch special which you wouldn’t even know about unless you’ve walked by and seen one of the many signs they have outside advertising the deal. The other day I was doing some online research that involved and made the random discovery that Ruchi has south Indian specialties dosa and uttapam on the menu, nd they’re all $9.95!

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Ruchi’s Lunch Boxes Sound Like Better Deal Than Discounted Menu

All the way back in 2010, Kevin checked out Ruchi on Cedar St. (btw. Greenwich & Trinity Place) and found its “50% off North Indian” lunch deal to be kind of a rip-off. They still have that deal on offer, but have also added a variety of lunch boxes, perhaps after one too many people complained about not getting rice with their meals? The boxes seem like a pretty good deal but I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve tried one (or one of you lunchers tells us if they’re decent).

Ruchi Satisfies FiDi Indian Cravings

I will start this review by confessing that I have never actually been to the beloved Pakistan Tea House. They may have the best Indian food on the downtown scene, but they’re a hike from my office, and I just haven’t made it up there yet.

What I do know is that I’ve got no use for Diwan-E-Khaas. I have to respectfully disagree with Daniel’s positive assessment of their food and say that nothing I’ve ever had there (and I’ve had a lot) has been very good, and some has been very bad. So I’m very happy to have a place like Ruchi around. Their food is neither awesome nor an amazing deal, but very good Indian food for under $10 is something this neighborhood needs. And Ruchi’s got that covered.

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