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Ranch 1 Will Fulfill All Of Your Grilled Chicken Needs

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I’m trying to decide what’s going in my belly for lunch I rarely crave chicken specifically. But when the combo Ranch 1 & The Original Soupman opened on Pearl St. and Hanover Square. I had to go check it out because after all, it is Zach approved. I happened to go on the day of the monsoon last week and broke two umbrellas in pursuit of my chicken lunch, but I would have to say it was kind of worth it. Read more »

Presenting…A Ranch 1/Soupman Combo?

As I was walking back from lunch I happened to notice that the location of The Original Soupman on Pearl St. (btw. Wall & Hanover) that’s been papered over forever and under renovation looked open. Well, they weren’t, but that’s not the interesting part. It looks like they’re still going to be serving Soupman items, but also Ranch 1 chicken?! This seems like a weird combo to me but I’m going to wait to pass judgment until I can actually eat here. I really hope they have someone standing outside in a chicken costume! Let us know in the comments if you see them up and running for lunch.