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Our Heros Truck Only Off The Road Temporarily (Updated Below)

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Last night the Our Heros Truck sent out the above tweet saying the truck was out of business (after less than a year), and my reaction seemed to be the same as at least a couple of other people who asked “WTF?” It seems the last time the truck was on the streets was last Friday, or at least that was the last time they tweeted a location. It’s unclear at this point why Our Heros decided to stop selling its giant sandwiches and other Italian-American specialties to the lunch crowds at Wall & Water, and whether their slider cart is also gone for good. Will you all miss this truck? Update: Midtown contributor Brian spoke with the cart operator who was confused and said the cart’s still out (on Hanover Sq. today), and the truck is just off the road until they can find a replacement for a manager who was let go. Seems like a case of an ex- truck employee gone rogue via Twitter…

First Look: Our Heros’ Star Spangled Slider Cart


Just in case you managed to walk by the corner of Hanover Sq. & Pearl St. yesterday and missed this new attention-grabbing cart, it’s an offshoot of the Our Heros truck and it serves nothing but sliders. You have four choices of what’s put between wee buns, all of them involving meat or seafood. I stopped by yesterday (as did Midtown contributor Brian who sent along pictures) and sampled two of the sandwiches. Find out my thoughts on them and take a look at the menu after the jump.

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Our Heros Classes Up The Fish Sandwich For Its Friday Special

A couple of weeks in a row, I’ve noticed that the Our Heros truck at Wall & Water has been courting the Catholics with its non-meat and seafood Lenten offerings. They’ve had a fried tilapia sandwich, another with potato, egg,  peppers and onions, and last week they had Manhattan clam chowder. The tilapia sandwich sounded good to me, especially since they paired it with the words “spicy remoulade.” After growing up being forced to eat the nastiness that is the McDonald’s Filet o Fish one too many Fridays, I can’t say I’ve ever really sought out fish sandwiches, but I thought this grown up, classed up version sounded much more appealing.

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What A Passive-Aggressive Street Food Vendor Beef Looks Like

I spotted this yesterday when I was walking back from lunch: One of those fruit/smoothie vendors blocking everything but the window of the Our Heros truck at Wall & Water streets. I’ve seen them both parked there before, but never this close to one another. I guess it’s nice that they learned to co exist…

Our Heros’ Meatball Sandwich Had Me At Sunday Gravy

I’m not really sure why I’m on such a sandwich kick this week, but bear with me! It seems like many of the new trucks and shops opening downtown seem to involve meats (or cheese) crammed between two pieces of bread. The Our Heros truck materialized on Wall St. in late December selling Italian-American sandwiches, salads and soup. It doesn’t sound too exciting on paper, but an endorsement from Midtown contributor Brian piqued my interest and when I heard the distinctly New York accent coming from the guy working at the truck I felt safe in my lunch choice.

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Our Heros Truck Comes To Wall St., Proves No Theme Is Too Strange

Midtown contributor Brian wrote in yesterday to tell me about a new truck called Our Heros that he spotted at Wall St. & Water. The menu is salads and hot and cold hero sandwiches, but the kicker is that the workers are dressed in military regalia! The word is that they’ll be in the Financial District permanently (unless they take someone’s spot). A look at the non-patriotic menu after the jump. Read more »