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Roti Mediterranean Positions Itself As Healthier Street Meat Alternative

When last we visited Roti Mediterranean Grill on Pearl St. (at Cedar), it was a soft opening, the food was free, the lines were long and I was undecided as to whether I liked this place or not. That was back in May, and since then, every time I’ve walked by there’s been a line out the door (or they’ve been closed. That’s seemed to happen a lot too), and that’s a lot to say with so many lunch options on the same block.

So, I decided to actually purchase some food this time and see if it was better than what I got when they were doing staff training. My thoughts on healthified street cart fare straight ahead.

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Atomic Wings Provides You With Saucy Poultry Without Stepping In A Sports Bar

Did you eat your weight in chicken wings during the Super Bowl last weekend and have a craving for more? That may just be me, but if you don’t want to have to go into a bar like Mudville 9 to get your fix, you could head to the location of the Atomic Wings chain near City Hall which is a subterranean source of sauced chicken on Broadway (btw. Duane & Thomas). When I saw it listed in one of those “best wings of NYC” lists, I figured it was worth a visit. Read more »

The FiDi’s Yushi Has A “Build Your Own Bowl” Bar, And It’s Delicious

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when walking into the freshly opened Yushi on Pearl St. (btw. Cedar & Maiden Lane), but I certainly didn’t think I’d find a Chipotle-esque setup serving build-your-own rice and noodle bowls. I hesitantly joined the line after bypassing the premade hot food display of noodle dishes, overpriced dumplings, soups and the cold options of sushi rolls and salads. It turned out that deciding to fashion myself a “Yu Bowl” was a surprisingly excellent choice.

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Confession: I Will Use Any Excuse To Eat Cosi’s Bread, Even If It Involves A Salad

Every time I see a clump of people heading down Maiden Lane with one of those Just Salad plastic bowls in their hand, I shake my head and wonder why they’ve chosen that fate as their lunch. Well, I can only be a little judgmental because some days when I need some vegetables in my body and/or when it’s hot out, my mind sometimes turns salad which my brain turns in “You should go to Cosi because they have delicious bread. Oh, and you should get a salad while you’re there, too.” And that, my fellow Downtown Lunch’ers is why I’m writing about Cosi (located at Broad & Exchange and in the WFC) today, because their flatbread is awesome.

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Hearty & Cheap Japanese Curry Bowls At Newly Made Over Bento Sushi

I have pretty low standards for the Japanese food I review for this site. I know it’s chancy buying sushi lunch specials for less than $10, or buying maki rolls from a pharmacy chain. Yet, I do these things because sometimes I want rice and fish in a cheap format without street meat dumped over the top, or stepping into Terrace Fish & Chip. So when Sushi By Bento Nouveau shortened its name to Bento Sushi and got a fancy new look, I knew I had to check out its cheap offerings. Read more »

First Look: Potbelly’s Sandwiches Just Might Win You Over

When I first heard that Potbelly Sandwich Shop was opening its first New York City location just down the street from my office I kind of rolled my eyes and uttered a “meh.” To me it was just another addition to what I like to call “Chain Row” between Water St. & Gold, and really, why would I get excited about another sandwich chain? Well, the store opened yesterday and of course I had to go check it out even though that meant waiting in a line that stretched down the block. It wasn’t until I unwrapped my lunch that some of my skepticism dropped away.

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Shake Shack Makes Its Debut Downtown, And Everybody Wants A Taste

I knew before heading out to the new Shake Shack on Murray St. (btw. West & N. End Ave.) in Battery Park City that I would be in for a wait. As I walked up I could see the mass of people waiting from a block away and steeled myself. Although I did have to wait in line for 30 minutes, and then wait a bit longer for food, I’d have to say they were ready for the crowds. And I rewarded myself for my wait by ordering one of the downtown-themed concretes. Read more »