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Alan’s Falafel Returns After Storm With New Name, Serving A Delicious Veggie Burger

alan's vegetarian

Several of the carts downtown remained in their spots during Hurricane Sandy providing food, coffee and conversation to neighborhoods without electricity or operational restaurants. Alan’s Vegetarian Delights cart (which you may know as Alan’s Falafel) was out in its spot on Broadway (btw. Liberty & Cedar) on Wednesday just as the icy snow started falling. In addition to the new name, Alan’s has an expanded vegetarian menu including Italian classics with fake meat.

They had been unable to make it into the city since the Friday before Hurricane Sandy hit, which was 12 days away from the city and seven days of lost business, as one of the workers told me. The cart’s workers were happy to be back and have people to feed, and I’m happy to report that they have a veggie burger and fries that’s a delicious value.

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Investigating The Dirt Cheap Burger & Fries Combo At Rockwell’s

Sometimes I get a premonition when I walk into a place that looks like it hasn’t been renovated in 20 years that they’re going to feed me good food. This happened at Rockwell’s last week. The handful of times I’ve walked past the deli on Broad St. (at Water), I’ve made a mental note that they have a $5.95 burger, fries and soda deal advertised in the window but never got around to actually trying it. A craving for greasy food hit so I finally went to see what $6 gets you. The answer: A fair amount of food, a surprisingly decent burger (that you definitely need to customize) and mediocre fries.

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Break The $10 Limit Just For Zigolini’s Garlic Parm Fries

The lunchtime juggernaut that is Zigolini’s on Pearl St. (at Coenties Slip) is one of the few places that I will go to knowing that I will have to stand in a line snaking out the door because I know that the food is generally worth it. I’ve reviewed the pasta, but they also make a mean Italian sandwich and I’d heard good things about the burger. Since the basic model is exactly $10 and comes with fries, I was sold, but in the end I broke the ML Downtown budget. Why? I blame the garlic parmesan fries.

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GO Burger Kiosk Offers Falafel Burger, Bacon-Topped Dog

There was a quick mention from the GO Burger Truck on Twitter last week that a burger kiosk from the same people had opened outside of the BLT Bar & Grill in the W Hotel on Washington St. (at Carlisle) in that weird part of the Financial District that you often forget about until you have to walk over to Battery Park City.

I finally got a chance to go check it out and while the menu’s pretty basic, there are a few things you might be interested in. The burgers range from $5 for a basic to $7 for one with onions, pepper, pickled jalapeno and melted provolone. There’s also a falafel burger for $6. Sides include fries, sweet potato fries and onion rings for $3 to $5. A couple of hot dogs and shakes round out the menu. If you work in that area and don’t have access to Five Guys or are too lazy to walk to Shake Shack, this could serve you well.

GO Burger Kiosk, outside of 123 Washington St. on Carlisle St.

Black Burger Opens On Canal With Burgers, Calamari Fries & A Classy Slogan

There are now two cheap eats spots on a grimy stretch of Canal St., with a branch of $1 pizza spot Roll And Go and the recent addition of Black Burger right next to each other at the corner of West Broadway. Both places were clogged with high school students and because Black Burger is little more than a counter with a couple of stools for eating, it doesn’t take much for the line to stretch out the door. Inside, you’ll find a simple menu of either single or double hamburgers or cheeseburgers (fresh, never frozen!), fries and shakes with a grilled cheese and calamari fries thrown in for good measure. And beware the warning on the wall: “Once you go Black, you never go back.”

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Fanelli Makes The Best (Meatless) Burger I’ve Ever Eaten

In a continuation of my quest to tell you about some delicious food that I haven’t gotten around to sharing with you on Downtown Lunch yet, today’s installment comes from Fanelli Cafe on Prince St. (at Mercer). I’ve never eaten anything at Fanelli’s other than the burger and vegetable burger, and I really don’t think there’s much else worth ordering except alcohol. This bar is one of my favorite old-timey spots in the city and is one of the few non-pretentious places to get a beer and some decent food after dealing with the hordes of tourists in the area. But back to this veggie burger. I think it’s the sum of its parts that make it great, or perhaps the fact that it doesn’t fall apart into a pile of mush when you bit into it. And dare I say it tastes a little meaty?

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SoHo Park Is Like An Alterna-Shake Shack

If you’ve been in the prime shopping area of Soho, you’ve probably walked past SoHo Park without even noticing it (or stopped at Hampton Chutney Co. before getting to it). It’s on Prince St. (at Lafayette) and is one of the cheaper lunch spots you’re going to find in the neighborhood, especially if you want a burger. It just so happened that all last week I was intensely craving a burger and fries, but I felt like this site has reviewed many of the options that are $10 or less, of which there aren’t that many. I thought about heading for Brinkley’s for the massive $14┬áburger that Serious Eats so loved, but instead decided SoHo Park was more in the ML budget and deserving of a look.

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