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Battery Park Fatty ‘Cue/Snack Kiosks A Slight Improvement Over Picnick

You may remember the long lost Picnick Smoked cart and accompanying two Picnick kiosks in Battery Park. Well, now they are another outpost of Fatty Snack (joining the one in Battery Park City), and a Fatty ‘Cue. There’s not much different here than the BPC outpost, except here the Snack kiosk serves ice cream and sweet while the ‘Cue one sells the sandwiches and other lunch items that seem to already be popular with the tourists. Menus straight ahead.

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Fatty ‘Cue Kiosk In Battery Park Opens Today: This week must have set a record in number of good lunch spots opening in the farthest reaches of Lower Manhattan. The Times brought word a couple of days ago that the former Picnick kiosk in Battery Park that's being taken over by the Fatty 'Cue crew is opening today at noon serving hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches. The other former Picnick kiosk nearby will soon be open selling soft serve.

File Under Oh, Hell Yes!: Picnick Smoked Turning Into Fatty Outpost

 width=Do you all remember the infuriating disappearance of Picnick Smoked last year? Well, according to a post on Grub St. the reason I was never able to find out what happened to it was because the guy behind it, Will Goldfarb, went to Bali and took his BBQ with him. Now it looks like the Picnick kiosks in Battery Park will be turned into something possibly called Fatty Snack, serving soft serve and cold sandwiches. That’s not the most exciting part though: That Picnick Smoked cart will become an outpost of Williamsburg’s Fatty ‘Cue, which¬†warms my heart on this snow-filled day. We can all look forward to eating artery-clogging meats come spring. Photo courtesy of Serious Eats.