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Clarke’s Standard’s New Jumbo Dog Combo Is A Good Deal

In case you didn’t get the memo, Clarke’s Standard now has combo meals. That means you can go into the location at Maiden Lane & Pearl St. and order by number if you so desire, but since this is not McDonald’s it might be best to actually say the name of the thing you wish to eat in a combo. Before, you had to shell out more than $10 for just the sandwich or hot dog if you wanted fries on the side. Now you can get two of those things plus a fountain soda in a “Butcher’s Combo” for less than $10 before tax. It’s a wise move, and in my opinion a good deal.  Read more »

First Look: Clarke’s Standard Has Quality Burgers And Fries, At A Price

I was out of town running a marathon earlier this week when Clarke’s Standard officially opened its doors on Maiden Lane (at Pearl St.), but was more than happy to go eat a burger and fries after punishing my body for 26.2 miles.

The place was not too crowded at prime lunch time mid-week and it only took a wait of a few minutes to get my lunch. You’ll find no complaints from me about Clarke’s Standard’s food in this initial review, but I do question whether a burger and fries lunch of more than $10 (with no drink) from a quick-service place has become the norm.

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Clarke’s Standard Opening On Maiden Lane Monday

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The second location of P.J. Clarke’s quick service burger offshoot, Clarke’s Standard, is opening Wednesday Monday at Maiden Lane and Pearl St. The storefront was originally Goodburger which was extensively damaged in hurricane Sandy. Clarke’s Standard took over the space and had to do a lot of renovations before opening.

What can you expect? Details straight ahead!  Read more »

Signage Goes Up At Clarke’s Standard

Signage went up on the Goodburger replacement, Clarke’s Standard, at the corner of Maiden Lane and Pearl St. recently. There’s no sign of when this new offshoot of P.J. Clarke’s will open, but hopefully it will by the time warmer weather comes around since there’s a nice space for outdoor seating out front.

FiDi’s Goodburger Being Replaced…With More Burgers


Earlier this week Lunch’er Jamie wrote in to say that the Goodburger on Maiden Lane (at Pearl) which has been closed since hurricane Sandy was gone and being replaced by…another burger shop. Lo and behold, something called Clarke’s Standard is going in there, with paper in the windows promising freshly ground burgers and homemade sausage. It looks like another location of Goodburger in Midtown is making the same switch so either they’re owned by the same company, or Clarke’s Standard is just picking off faltering burger joints. Watch your back Five Guys!