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Burrito Bliss At Calexico, If You Can Get Past The 30 Minute Wait

There has been much talk on how sub-par the burritos are in this city, with places like Chipotle drawing long lines with their weirdly flavored rice and dry meat. And then there’s Calexico, which has carved a niche for itself with its carts manned (and frequented) by hipsters, making California-style burritos. So far they have won a Vendy Award in 2008 and opened a brick and mortar store, yet they have never been graced by a Midtown Lunch review. I know those in Midtown got their hopes up that a cart was coming their way, but sadly that did not materialize. Downtown is a comparable wealth of Calexico riches with two carts in Soho, and I hit up the one on Broome St. (at Crosby) to see what all of the fuss was about. Read more »