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A Case Of Kati Roll Envy Leads To Bombay Biryany

We have so many great food options downtown (yes, really!) that it’s rare I have envy for whatever new options pop up in midtown or other parts of the city. Last week Kati Roll Co. in midtown debuted a new roll and it looked delicious. I wanted one, but since that wasn’t going to happen at lunch time I decided to use what I had at my disposal and head over to Liberty Plaza and get my kati roll fix from the Bombay Biryany cart. Would this fulfill my craving for an Indian burrito?  Read more »

Bombay Biryany Throws Down The Gauntlet To Biryani House

There’s a little bit of a silent battle brewing (or so I’m imagining for the sake of this post) between two carts on the increasingly-crowded plaza on Broadway between Liberty and Cedar. First you have the Biryani House cart that came on the scene with its namesake dish, kati rolls and the standard meat over rice options (OK, and hot dogs). Then there’s the Bombay Biryany cart a falafels throw away that at first glance looks like your standard halal cart until you notice the chicken biryani sign in the front, with bonus special green sauce. Read more »

Biryani House Cart Has Some Competition

I believe this cart has been in this spot for a while, but I just noticed the Bombay Biryany cart parked on Broadway and Liberty, across from the Biryani House cart. And guess what? They also serve chicken biryani. For some reason, they seem like they’re promoting the $4 hot dog and soda special over the cart’s namesake dish, so I’m a little skeptical. Anyone tried the biryani from this cart?