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Two Out Of Three Street Meat Carts On William St. Disappear

The scene of the disappearance.

In the last couple of weeks, the number of street meat carts on William St. between Maiden Lane and John St. has been reduced to one instead of three. It’s always hard to tell where these carts have gone since they don’t use Twitter, but Biryani House and NY Express Biryani, which used to sit across the street from each other have been MIA, although Biryani House’s original cart is still a couple of blocks away at Liberty St. and Broadway.  Read more »

Spicy Buradi Rolls From Biryani House Cart Live Up To Their Name

Do you ever get hit with a craving for something really specific at lunch? This happens to me on occasion, and the other day my want was for kati rolls. While I could have gone for one of my favorites at Bombay’s, I instead stopped by the NY Express Biryani cart at William & John St., only to be told they were out of kati rolls for some reason. Undeterred, I headed across the street to standby Biryani House cart and ordered up one of their other rolls – the spicy buradi with chicken.

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Don’t Overlook The Fish Over Rice At The Biryani House Carts

With a broad menu that includes biryani and kati rolls along with some pretty amazing chicken over rice, it’s easy to skim over the rest of what the two Biryani House carts have to offer. The menu lists both fish and shrimp plates, although I was a little skeptical that they actually served these dishes since most people seem to stick to the Indian fare here. I decided to try my luck at the cart on Liberty St. (nr. Broadway), and lo and behold the tilapia over rice plate actually exists! But it is worth ordering over other things on the menu?

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Does Biryani House Cart Have The Best Chicken Over Rice In The FiDi?

You all have embraced the Biryani House Cart‘s kati rolls, biryani and chicken tikka as much as I have and for a while now they’ve had a second cart on William St. (btw. John & Maiden Lane) selling the same items as the original on Liberty St. Nothing makes me happier than seeing carts like this branch out, but the other day I realized I’d never tried the meat and potatoes at these two carts: The lamb/chicken over rice. I’ve seen people order it all the time and was curious how they spiced the chicken, or if they did anything different since they sell more than lamb, chicken and falafel.

I think you’ll be happy to see what I discovered.

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Biryani House Adds Meatless Kati Roll

Despite having other meatless options in its roll arsenal, the Biryani House cart on Liberty (at Broadway) only sold two kinds of kati rolls – chicken and lamb – repurposed from their plates of street meat. Now you vegetarians have another option since they added an aloo gobi roll. I thought I’d take a break from the meat for once and try one since their chicken and lamb versions were pretty goodRead more »

Biryani House Moves One Of Its Carts

For a brief time there were two carts bearing the name Biryani House operating side by side on Liberty St. & Broadway. One specialized strictly in curries while the other focused on biryani, chicken tikka and kati rolls as well as regular street meat. Well, it looks like that second cart has moved over to the little plaza on William St. & Maiden Lane selling biryani and curry to those who aren’t interested in the many chain establishments up the block. Update: This cart is now permanently docked on William btw. Maiden & John outside of Zeytuna.

Biryani House Spawns Curry Cart Next Door

We have plenty of street meat options downtown but they’re pretty much all one-cart operations. That was why I was at first confused, and then excited when I saw that the Biryani House cart that has brought kati rolls and biryani to the Financial District added a second cart next door with an all-curry menu. A quick chat with the guy working there revealed they’ve been there for a couple of days and serve Kashmiri curries so it’s a completely different menu from the regular cart that sells everything from hot dogs to chicken tikka. As he so eloquently put it “they serve dry curries and ours are wet.” OK then! Read more »