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In Case You Missed It, Bill’s Bar & Burger’s Now Open Downtown

Midtown Lunch’ers have had the luxury of eating at Bill’s Bar & Burger for awhile, and now we will too. The purveyor of griddled burgers of many varieties, wings, fries, etc. opened in the Marriott NY Financial Center on West St. (btw. Carlisle & Albany) on Monday. While it’s probably not as convenient as popping into, say, Shake Shack or Clarke’s Standard for your burger fix, you can at least get out of there with a lunch for around $10 (if you share fries with someone).

Bill’s Bar & Burger To Compete With Shake Shack In BPC

It’s not only the Financial District that’s having a flurry of new lunch spots opening: Battery Park City is having its day in the sun with the previous Japanese curry invasion announcement and word that Bill’s Bar & Burger is coming to the neighborhood. It’s already been approved by contributors over on the Midtown site, so maybe we should start getting excited about the beef influx coming our way. Read more »