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A Crazy Cheap Falafel Sandwich As Big As Your Head At Baba Ghanouge

The couple of times I’ve written about Baba Ghanouge (Multiple Locations), I’ve somehow gotten items with chicken – in a sandwich with fries and in man-ushi form – and never tried the falafel or other vegetarian items.

If you’re not in the know, this place has a falafel sandwich for just over $4. Yes, it’s utilitarian and doesn’t involve hummus or anything, but for $4 no one should complain. You can barely get the same thing at a street cart for that amount of money in the Financial District!

But is their bargain falafel any good? I’m here to tell you that it is, and they don’t skimp on your sandwich either.

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Second Baba Ghanouge Opens On Fulton St.

In case you’re in the mood for a sandwich involving french fries or an extreme amount of garlic, the new location of Baba Ghanouge is open on Fulton St. (btw. Broadway & Nassau), adding to the original on Church St. in Tribeca. The Financial District now has a bunch of solid options within a small area for falafel and meats cooked on a spit, including Crisp, Alfanoose and Pita Express. There’s always room for one more, and maybe if you sniff real hard you will be able to smell fried chicken from the previous inhabitant of Baba Ghanouge’s space.

Baba Ghanouge, Au Bon Pain Coming To Fulton St.

The Financial District is a strange place these days. Swaths of the neighborhood are still more full of generators and disaster recovery teams that functional buildings due to flood damage, but the areas on higher ground are business as usual. Fulton St. is one of those areas, with several new places set to open. Find out what and where two of these new spots are after the jump! Read more »

Spicy Chicken Man-Ushi At Baba Ghanouge Is A Wrap You Can Be Proud To Eat

There are days that some specific food sounds really good, and it becomes a mission to find exactly what I’m craving. The other day this happened and it was falafel that sounded good, but I also wanted to go for a little bit of a walk since it wasn’t raining outside for once. Baba Ghanouge popped into my head because I remembered a sign in their window for a $3.99 falafel sandwich. When I took a glance at the menu, though, something else caught my eye: The man-ushi sandwich section. How had I missed this before?

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The Secret Within The Chicken Beiruti At Baba Ghanouge

If there’s one thing downtown is lacking in, it is gross (and I mean that in the best possible way) mash ups in sandwich form. The last place I expected to find such a thing was at Baba Ghanouge on Church St. (btw. Chambers & Reade), where their tagline is “Eat Healthy Live Longer.” Even the healthiest people like to put crappy food in their bodies sometimes, and for that purpose there is the chicken beiruti sandwich. It contains a secret ingredient that elevates this sandwich a few notches and almost makes you forget you’re eating in a place that’s trying to make you healthy. Read more »