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“Made Up” Chicken Curry Is Better Than The Real Thing At 7 Hanover Cart

All the way back in May I stopped by the 7 Hanover Cart on Hanover Square (at Pearl) to try their chicken curry. I was crushed when told they were out already and was soothed with an improvised chicken curry. They aim to please! I decided to go back  for an earlier to lunch to snag some and see how the real thing compared to what had been thrown together. Click through to find out the verdict. Read more »

Improvised Chicken Curry At The Newly Christened “7 Hanover” Cart

It’s not often I get in on naming anything, let alone a place that serves me cheap-ass food. I headed to a cart in front of 7 Hanover Square (at Pearl St.) on a mission to get their chicken curry ($5) that I had spotted a few days before. They serve it every day, but I guess it’s popular because when I ordered it around 1 p.m. I was sadly told that they were out of it. The guy who was manning the grills must have seen the crestfallen look on my face as I tried to figure out what else to get, and offered to cook up some chicken and put “gravy” on it for me. Read on to see how this improvised street meat turned out. Read more »