Lenny’s Is Your Best Bet For A Thanksgiving Sandwich In The FiDi

There’s a Thanksgiving sandwich hiding on the menu year round at Lenny’s – that sandwich and salad chain that seems to be trying to keep pace with Potbelly Sandwich Shop‘s expansion in the Financial District and Tribeca. For now there are two locations in the FiDi, with three more planned in Battery Park City, and on Pearl St. and ┬áPark Place. I’ve never eaten at a Lenny’s but plenty of you seem to, and I was curious how their turkey sandwich would fare compared to others I’ve tried from places that aren’t chains. Surprisingly, it was pretty damn good.

You’ll have to look under the “homestyle” section of the Lenny’s menu for the turkey sandwich paired with stuffing, cranberry sauce and turkey gravy ($7.99 on sliced bread) that is also known as H1. I got mine on toasted white bread which was a wise decision as the bit of crisping counteracted the soft elements of the rest of the sandwich. I was most impressed with the turkey which was real-deal roasted turkey and not the cold cuts I was expecting. Least impressive? The cranberry sauce, which was clearly a slice off the jellied kind out of the can. The stuffing had good flavor and there was just enough turkey gravy to keep things moist without making the bread soggy.

This was better than the version I had three years ago at Toasties, and as far as I know that’s about it for meaty Thanksgiving sandwich options in the Financial District (there’s a vegan version at Terri). If you know of any more, please let us know in the comments.

Lenny’s, 108 John St. (btw. Gold & Pearl), (212) 385-2828; 32 Water St. (btw. Coenties Slip & Broad), (212) 785-7500


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