First Look: Tous Crepes’ Cross-Cultural Sushi Roll Proves Hard To Eat


I’ve eaten sushi from a drug store, surprisingly good sushi, and disappointing sushi from a place with sushi in its name. However, I’d never eaten a sushi crepe before so when Tous Crepes opened its doors with this item on the menu I decided to sidestep the long list of more conventional iterations. What happens when you substitute rice for a buckwheat crepe? Find out straight ahead. 

There are many choices to be made when you step into Tous Crepes. Do you want sweet or savory? Do you want a white or buckwheat crepe? What fillings do you want? There are also breakfast crepe galettes and crepe salads in addition to the sushi. It may be best to look at the menu before going in if you’re the indecisive type.

Let’s talk about the sushi crepe roll. They are made to order so allow a little extra time if this is what you plan on ordering. Filling options include tofu, salmon, lobster, smoked lox and two kinds of caviar at market price. I went with the yellow fin tuna ($7.95) that was wrapped in nori and a buckwheat crepe with cucumber, pickled daikon and wasabi aioli. You get a little cup of the pickled daikon alongside as well as soy sauce and some wasabi paste.

Because of the width of the roll it’s pretty hard to eat with the plastic fork and knife you’re given, and if you try to cut one of the eight pieces into a more manageable size it falls apart. That being said, once I got it crammed into my mouth it really did taste like sushi until you registered the chewy buckwheat crepe in place of the rice. I saw someone eating their Nutella crepe in a normal fashion and it made me jealous as I grappled with my rolled up crepe that resembled those wraps you see at catered office meetings.

I would say unless you’re in the mood for sushi but your friend makes to come to Tous Crepes instead, it’s best to stick to the classics here. There are so many filling options that you’re bound to be happy with what you get, and you won’t have to embarrass yourself by trying to competently eat the sushi crepe in front of that friend.

Tous Crepes, 125 Maiden Lane (btw. Water & Pearl streets), (212) 742-8101, on the Web


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