The FiDi’s Gaining A Smashburger After Five Guys Loss

I know we haven’t reported on the closure of Five Guys, but most of you have probably realized it closed along with all of the other ground-floor businesses in that building on Fulton St. due to a condo development. The good news is that soon we’ll be getting a Smashburger on William St. (nr. Fulton) in the space that housed Yips. There’s one other NYC location of the Colorado-based chain in downtown Brooklyn and in addition to smashed burgers they also have chicken sandwiches, salads and shakes. It looks like there will also be one burger concoction unique to the Financial District location.


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  • No burger can replace the goodness that was the Roast Pork at Yips.

    Red colored chunks of (no fat please) delicious porky goodness. The burnt ends had the best bbq flavor and a $5 order on Lo Mein with a $1 side order of brocolli was the ticket.

    I used to buy two when I passed by, one for today and one for tomorrow.. no burger can do that.

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