Atomic Wings Provides You With Saucy Poultry Without Stepping In A Sports Bar

Did you eat your weight in chicken wings during the Super Bowl last weekend and have a craving for more? That may just be me, but if you don’t want to have to go into a bar like Mudville 9 to get your fix, you could head to the location of the Atomic Wings chain near City Hall which is a subterranean source of sauced chicken on Broadway (btw. Duane & Thomas). When I saw it listed in one of those “best wings of NYC” lists, I figured it was worth a visit.

This place reminded me of a college hangout in the Midwest, complete with multiple TVs and a pool table, and minus any windows. But we’re here to talk about the wings.

Basically, you’re going to shell out $10 for a proper chicken meal here (although there are a couple of lunch specials), and it’s up to you whether you want your lunch all in wings or in a combo with either waffle fries, grits or mac and cheese. They also offer vegetarian wings (the breaded soy kind)  which they are apparently proud of judging by the number of signs touting them. I stuck with the real poultry, opting to split with three real wings and three boneless with medium buffalo sauce, and some waffle fries. (Initially, I had wanted to order the grits but the woman at the counter had no idea what the grits were like which didn’t bode well).

The wings here are on the small side, even the boneless ones which varied in size between a large nugget and strip. They made up for the lack of meat with the large serving of waffle fries. I’ve had some really bad waffle fries in my life that were either dry and mealy or undercooked and not crispy. I think these may have been one of the best specimens I’ve tried and the fries were still crispy after a several block walk in the cold.

I actually really enjoyed my meal from Atomic Wings and thought they were better than versions I’ve gotten from various bars in the city. If you have a need for spicy wings for lunch, you could do a lot worse.

Atomic Wings, 311 Broadway (btw. Duane & Thomas), (212) 571-7667



  • I work nearby and the last time i was here (about 2 yrs ago) it REEKED of cat urine. I hope that disgusting odor is long gone now! Perhaps i should revisit.

  • I used to order delivery from them when I worked in Midtown. I even tried the suicidal and nuclear sauces. They were hot!!

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