All Meats At The Gyro House Truck Are Not Created Equal

The Gyro House Truck on Cedar St. (at Broadway) has a somewhat limited menu and thus sometimes I forget about it in favor of kati rolls and Thai food from the carts across the street at Liberty Plaza. They do a mean chicken over rice, and tasty falafel, but I’d heard rumors that the lamb gyro from this truck wasn’t too shabby either (and was in fact championed by one of my predecessors). On a day when salty meat and rice sounded amazing, and it was above freezing outside, I headed over for a street meat lunch.

If you look at the flat top inside the truck, you’ll see a mound of reddish-hued chicken cooking on two separate sections, and then much smaller areas reserved for some vegetables and lamb. The woman ahead of me asked for a lamb platter and the guy tried to get her to order chicken instead. I did not get the same push for poultry, but was a little concerned about the gyro I would be getting.

As you can see there was a generous mound of lamb gyro. This was good and all, but probably due to too short of time on the griddle, there was absolutely no crust on it which only serves to highlight that texture that’s somewhat unique to the lamb gyro loaf that carts and trucks all across the city use. I was there fairly early in the lunch hour so maybe the key is to get there later so the lamb has the time to cook and develop a crust. Or, I guess, just get the chicken.

I really enjoyed the pepper, onion and chickpeas that made up the rest of the platter, and the rice was tasty (aka, slicked with oil and not dry) too. In case you’re thinking of getting a bunch of the thick, red hot sauce like I did, I’d recommend against it. Although it was definitely spicy, it made lunch a sweaty, somewhat unpleasant affair because all I could taste was burning, and I have a high tolerance for spice. You’ve been warned!

Gyro House Truck, Cedar St. at Broadway


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