It’s True, The BBQ Beef Sandwich At L&L Hawaiian Is A Cheapskate’s Delight

l&l outside

When I mentioned that L&L Hawaiian BBQ on Fulton St. (at Gold) had started serving Chinese food from a steam table, luncher rodalpho commented on his favorite item from the establishment:

I haven’t tried the buffet because I generally don’t leave my office for lunch, but I have sampled most of L&L’s menu. Skip the plate lunches, the sushi, and the Chinese food. L&L has one (and only one) truly great item on its menu– the BBQ beef sandwich. I strongly recommend it.

That sounded like a strong enough endorsement for me to go get myself a beef sandwich.

l&l sandwich

First of all, the BBQ beef sandwich isn’t clearly listed on the wall menu so I just asked about it. You only have to slap down $3.95 (plus tax) for what turned out to a pretty massive sandwich with lettuce, raw onion, tomato and mayo atop a pile of beef with some barbeque sauce smeared on the bottom bun.

L&L meat

There was a ton of beef in here! The sandwich contained three to four huge, thin piece of meat that had been marinated in a seasoning that made it savory and delicious. The downfall is that since the pieces are so large and not exactly fall-apart tender, you’re going to have to gnaw your way through the beef and probably use your hands. I liked the flavor of the beef, but I couldn’t help but think it may be better consumed in one of their BBQ bowls that come with white rice and steamed vegetables for $7.95. Still, if you only have $4 and some change on you, this sandwich will definitely fill you up.

L&L Hawaiian BBQ, 64 Fulton St. (at Gold), (212) 577-2087



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