Wafels & Dinges’ Corn Waffle With Chili Makes A Good Light Lunch

Last week’s cooler weather brought out the sweaters and also a lot of hearty seasonal specials at trucks and other lunch spots. Wafels & Dinges took the opportunity to add to its savory side with the winter addition of the corn waffle with either meat or vegetable chili along with some toppings. But would this $7 concoction be more of a lunch than one of their regular sweet waffle concoctions?

As you can see it’s not really a hearty lunch, more of a snack unless you’re a really light eater. The waffle is made with a batter that contains actual pieces of corn and it appears to be cooked on the same iron as the sweet version because there was some carmelization on the edges as you can see in the photo. A layer of either beef or vegetarian chili gets ladled over the top and then the whole thing gets blanketed with cheddar cheese, sour cream (which I did not get) and some cilantro.

I could have used a little more of the tasty vegetarian chili as the ratio of that to cheese was off. My only other complaint was that in this cooler weather it only took about a block to become a room temperature chili waffle since there was nothing to keep the heat in. I would recommend scarfing this as soon as possible.

Would I pay $7 for this again? Probably not, but it was a nice change of pace from simply eating a cup of soup or chili and the bonus of smelling waffles cooking while I waited wasn’t too bad either.

Wafels & Dinges, truck found Wednesday in the FiDi and at the WFC truck lot; cart found daily at City Hall Park, online and the Web


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