Go To The Broadway Greek Cart For The Sweets

A couple of weeks ago we were alerted to the presence of a cart selling Greek food on Broadway in front of Trinity Church (btw. Wall & Thames). It’s run by a nice Greek woman and offers a few lunch items like gyro and chicken sandwiches ($6) and a Greek salad ($7) along with a variety of sweets that she proudly said she makes herself and serves starting at 7 a.m. every morning. I decided to get lunch from the cart the other day and discovered it’s maybe a better destination for a breakfast or snack stop. You could also do as one woman who stopped by did and grab a “second lunch” of sweets.

This is a tiny cart with no flattop, so the two sandwiches are made via an electric grill. The gyro is like the kind you get at the normal street meat carts, and had been cut into thin strips which were laid across the grill and pressed to crisp up alongside the flatbread. These got put into a big, messy sandwich with a pile of chopped romaine, some tomato and a whole lot of tzatziki and feta mixed together. This was more of a salad in between two pieces of flatbread, which is basically how you have to eat it.

I also couldn’t resist getting one of the baked goods which are $1 or $2 and include baklava, coconut cake, carrot cake, cheese and spinach pies and halva. It was the last one that I had my eye on. The woman asked if I’d ever had it before, and after I said no she told me it was made of semolina and sugar with cinnamon on top. It’s a dense little cake, and it was delicious.

I wasn’t that impressed with the gyro sandwich, but I will be back for the cheap, homemade and plentiful baked goods. If you’re in the area, you may want to check them out on your next lunch or coffee break, too.

Greek Food Cart, Broadway between Wall & Thames in front of Trinity Church


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