Sandra’s Cart Adds A Beef Stew Lunch Special

It’s almost swimsuit season, but that doesn’t mean we should all give up things like beef stew from a cart. While walking by Sandra’s Food Spot cart on Nassau (btw. Liberty & Cedar) I noticed they had a beef stew special that day. We’ve already sampled the cart’s Puerto Rican pasteles amd tilapia (which they have Monday, Wednesday and Friday) so I figured this beef stew deserved a shot. What I found was meat and potatoes served Latin style.

Their specialty seems to be chili dogs, judging from the pile of tube steaks on the griddle and prominent signs for them. I asked for the beef stew which is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, according to the ladies inside. It’s served with yellow rice and salad with Italian dressing for a little bit of cross-cultural fun. A couple of scoops of the stew were ladled over the rice along with a spoonful of broth. This and a couple of squirts of hot sauce made the rice pretty awesome after I was done eating the tender chunks of beef and potato from the top. There was also a piece of what I think was yam or sweet potato.

There’s nothing particularly ground breaking about this beef stew, but if you grew up eating things like meat and potatoes, this version will do you right.

Sandra’s Food Spot Cart, on Nassau St. (btw. Liberty & Cedar)


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