Sushi By Bento Nouveau Shortens Name, Tries A Classy New Look

sushi bento

The somewhat grubby Sushi By Bento Nouveau at Broadway & Cortlandt St. closed at the beginning of February to get a makeover and the results were revealed on Monday as it once again opened for business. I didn’t actually go inside, but it has a sleeker new look and seems to sell the same pre-made sushi rolls along with rice bowls and some noodles, although it looks like they’ve pared down the offerings and aren’t emphasizing the udon noodle soups as much. I’ll take a closer look soon, but if you were one of the people checking it out, let us know the good/bad in the comments.



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    Not touching the fish, but I got a Beef Curry Udon today and really enjoyed it. Noodles were fresh out of the pot and the broth had a nice flavor. I’m a bit of a sucker for Japanese Curry anything, but will definitely be going back often. Perfect for a quick soup fix on a cold day.

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