Taste Of Tokyo’s Maki Rolls Mix A Little Breakfast With Lunch

There are many sources of maki rolls in the Financial District, and many of them involve refrigerated cases in stores like Zeytuna or the swanky new Duane Reade (shudder). There are a couple of places that offer lunch specials with two rolls for less than $10 but most limit you to the more pedestrian varieties like salmon, tuna or California. When I noticed Taste of Tokyo on Beaver (nr. William) had a two-roll special for $8.25 I took a look at the menu and noticed some more exotic rolls were included in this special. Omelet roll anyone?

My two roll choices were the “eastern roll” (on the far left above) which included shrimp, omelet, cucumber, avocado and flying fish roe, and a spicy salmon. A co-luncher got the combo with salmon and tuna rolls. You get the same salad in a styrofoam container that you do at every Japanese restaurant, with the same orange dressing.

The clear winner out of my two rolls was the one with the omelet (which looked too much like a chunk of cheddar cheese). I liked the flying fish roe and sesame seeds on the outside that contrasted with the soft texture of the omelet. The fish in the spicy salmon roll was all chopped up and had a disconcertingly mushy texture, although it tasted fine. The report on the salmon and tuna rolls was that they were as good as, or better than, average.

If you want freshly-made sushi rolls and don’t mind eating at your desk (it’s take-out only), this is a good deal.

Taste of Tokyo, 60 Beaver St. (nr. William & Hanover Sq.), (212) 809-4711, 809-4677


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  • Usually we stray from a good deal when it comes to our food, for fear of a loss of quality. That is certainly not the case with Taste of Tokyo. While in the Financial District, if you’re in the mood for rolls, they have the largest selection we’ve seen. We also recommend the Torikatsu!

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