All American Diner Truck’s Chicken Parm Hero Is Another Winner

Some people have their favorite food truck based on a certain item they sell, but one of mine is because I am almost guaranteed to have a good conversation while waiting for my food. I’m referring to the All American Diner I & II Truck that’s perpetually parked at Whitehall and Water streets serving up hero sandwiches and plates of meatloaf and roast beef. I’d been there once before and had a massive and delicious roast pork sandwich on garlic bread. The other day I was for some reason craving a parm sandwich and remembered that this truck served a couple of different varieties.

There was only one person in line and the man who had made my previous roast pork sandwich was working, telling me they had a “nice roast chicken” that day. They serve simple food but I like the enthusiasm behind it. Instead I went for that chicken parm sandwich ($7.50), and saw some chicken cutlets being thrown into the deep fryer by the other guy working. I applaud any truck that uses a deep fryer when it’s 90 degrees outside.

While I waited for the sandwich I was drawn into a conversation that involved the movie “Die Hard,” and progressed to why I would walk all the way down to the bottom of Manhattan for a sandwich. You can’t get this kind of lunchtime banter at Chipotle.

My gigantic sandwich went into a bag along with a little bag of chips and a whole pickle. It’s like one of those Subway sandwich combos, except not crappy.

There were either three or four fried chicken filets in here along with a decent gob of mozzarella and enough marinara to taste, but not destroy the bread. And that bread was really good as well – a nice hero that had been toasted a little and did a good job of soaking everything up. I’m not chicken parm expert but I thought this was pretty great. On the plus side, this is definitely enough for two meals.

Both sandwiches I’ve gotten from this truck have been winners, but next time it’s on to one of the diner-type plates, complete with mashed potatoes.

All American Diner I & II Truck, corner of Whitehall & Water streets



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