Things We Need In NYC: Culver’s And Its Delicious Butterburgers

I have been blogging from my hometown of Mitchell, South Dakota this week, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sample Culver’s, one of the Midwestern chains represented here. It’s based in Wisconsin and its specialties are butterburgers and frozen custard. As I will never pass up the opportunity to eat new, gross lunches I went to check it out.

I brought my brother along as my co-lunch’er on a brisk day when frozen custard shouldn’t have sounded good, but did. As I am every time I return to my home state, I am alarmed by how friendly everyone is, and Culver’s was no exception. I stood perusing the menu, trying to decide on what variety of comfort food to try and no one gave me the stink eye for taking so long. They sell things like fried chicken and prime rib sandwiches, but I was there for the butterburger. Because who doesn’t like a slab of beef slathered in butter?

I went for the double with some crinkle fries on the side. I got pretty excited when I saw the burger come out as it looked really promising for a fast food burger. I also liked the touch of putting a pickle slice on top.When I picked the burger up, there was a good sign of things to come as a puddle of burger grease had formed that is not usually found in the fast food universe. The patties were thin, but definitely not dried out. Butter really does make everything better!

My brother got a chicken sandwich and he reported it was really good, as was the shake he got on the side. Clearly they are big into the dairy products at this chain.

Speaking of that, I couldn’t leave without having some custard, even though my stomach was telling me to leave it alone. I went for the chocolate variety and it was well worth the brain freeze. Basically Culver’s is like the Midwestern version of Shake Shack without the lines.

This might be on my permanent rotation when I head to the central part of the country and need some top-notch fast food.

Culver’s, find them in the Midwest, or on the Web



  • Mmmmm… butterburger. Want.

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    What We Need Less of in NYC: People from South Dakota telling us what we need.

    • Yeah, seriously… Why should NYC, the epicenter of all things cultural, have to be bothered with any improvements to its food landscape. We don’t need any food bloggers from South Dakota telling us what we need. We already have the celebrity chefs, the various food critics, and a battery of other trendy foodies under the restaurant industry’s dole to tell us what we need and want.

  • MW – I think Zach’s head got soft… overripened in all that L.A. sun.

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    When we were in the Wisconsin Dells for vacation during the summer of 2009, we ate lunch at Culvers at least 4 out of 7 days. It was that good.

    Andrea forgot to mention they also have fried cheese curds!

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    @joestein: Yep, it is that good! I did neglect to mention the fried cheese curds. I didn’t think I could handle a Butterburger, custard and cheese curds in one sitting.

    • Andrea, clearly you’re not cut out for midtownlunch making such a remark.

      p.s. – to assist Zach in understanding, my above comment was completely sarcastic.

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    Adam, clearly you lack understanding. I grew up in NY and there are many food items that can’t be beat. However I lived in MN for a while and believe it or not the cullinary gods don’t just hover over NY. I was taken to my first experience with fried cheese curds was heavenly. I was then introduced to a butter burger at culvers, granted it wasn’t JG Mellons, however hamburger buns fried in butter makes for a good burger and the frozen custard was unbelievable. They do not put butter in the burger, just fry the bun in it. I have moved back to NY and I ate at Shake Shack, which is almost an upscaled version of Culver, however by not frying the bun in butter it lacks the original Culvers flavor. But easier to walk six blocks than fly 3 hours for a burger.

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