“Made Up” Chicken Curry Is Better Than The Real Thing At 7 Hanover Cart

All the way back in May I stopped by the 7 Hanover Cart on Hanover Square (at Pearl) to try their chicken curry. I was crushed when told they were out already and was soothed with an improvised chicken curry. They aim to please! I decided to go back  for an earlier to lunch to snag some and see how the real thing compared to what had been thrown together. Click through to find out the verdict.

When I got there I was relieved to be told they still had the chicken curry, which inspired the guy ahead of me in line to change his order from one of the three seafood options available. I guess people order regular lamb and chicken here, but I havent’ seen it.

The “real” chicken curry ($5) was ready after a short wait. This worried me because I assumed the curry was already cooked and sitting in a pot somewhere. I debated what sauces to get, but stuck with the same ones I had gotten the first time around: green cilantro and hot sauce.

This time there wasn’t any actual curry sauce poured over the chicken and instead it was a reddish orange color from some sort of spice, and that would have been fine except this was all white meat and a little dry. Thank god for the cilantro sauce! There was some sort of thin yellow curry sauce in there too. How do I know? Because it all spilled out during my five minute walk into the plastic bag the container was in.

Honestly, the improvised version was much better because of the presence of actual curry sauce. As chicken over rice it was solid, but not what I ordered. I’m still going back to this cart for the fish sometime to see if it holds a candle to what I got at the $5 Lunch Truck.

7 Hanover Cart, in front of 7 Hanover Square (at Pearl)


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