Adrienne’s Slings A Pizza Style Close To My Heart

There’s a style of pizza I grew up eating that was baked on a cookie sheet by moms for birthday parties or at semi-crappy pizzerias. I love NYC-style pizza as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s nice to find a little variation whether it’s in fancy Neopolitan pies or a grandma slice. When I went to Adrienne’s Pizza Bar on Stone St. (nr. Hanover Square) for lunch I was not expecting to have a blast from the past put in front of me.

I went to Adrienne’s with a co-lunch’er, which you pretty much have to if you want pizza since they only sell whole pies. They do sell sandwiches and a couple of other things like eggplant parm that are under $10, but you have to try the pizza at a pizza bar, right? The base pies are $17.50 and if you add any topping you’re definitely going over the $10 mark unless you split it with multiple people.

We ordered an old fashioned (they also have marinara and white options) with sausage for an extra $3. The slices are rectangular with super thin crust. I don’t know that I would get more than one topping on it, although it doesn’t really matter because you’re probably going to be eating with a knife and fork or risk feeling like a person with no manners.

What I liked best about this pizza was it was good quality but not fancy. My co-lunch’er and I both hail from the Midwest and as I bit into it the first thing I thought was it tasted like pizza from that part of the country, because the sausage was crumbled and not in round slices like you find at most pizza places here. I’m not going to lie, the sausage also reminded me of the crumbled kind found on Totino’s Party Pizza and I mean that in the best way possible. Also, I would definitely recommend going for a corner slice because the edges are delicious.

I’ve had people recommend the eggplant parm from Adrienne’s, but are any of the other dishes or sandwiches worth sampling? Let me know in the comments.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • It’s classier than the slice place down the street.
  • The pan pizza style is a good change of pace.

THE — (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • No slices?!?
  • The pizza’s good, but not worth the wait for a table during prime lunch time.

Adrienne’s Pizza Bar, 54 Stone St. (nr. Hanover Square), (212) 248-3838



  • I use to love adrienne’s but recently it seems like the sausage that they started using tastes exactly like the sausage found on a Jeno’s Crisp n Tasty frozen pizza… that bothers me a lil bit.

  • @Goodness: Me likey the pepperoni. And the plain.

    They used to do slices years ago. The lines were nuts, I guess they wanted to be classy like Grimaldi’s.

    A little off lunch primetime, and there’s little to no wait. Just sayin’

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    @dbdtron: We got there a little after 1 p.m. and there was only one two-top available. By the time we left a little before 2 the place was empty.
    @Goodness: I agree about the sausage, but I kind of liked it.

  • I have to agree, i think the sausage is a bit too crumbly for my taste. I prefer nice rings of fennel flecked sausage.

  • I’m a fan of the eggplant and mushroom toppings. I also try to get there about 15 mins before noon… usually beats the rush.

  • @Andrea H: That’s the strange thing about it. I like the sausage and pepper pizza but since it tastes so much like a 99 cents frozen pizza I can’t buy it anymore but I did branch out to some other topping… just can’t do the sausage any longer.

  • They have prosciutto as a topping! That always gets me.

    My office used to order Adrienne’s every Friday for years because the big dogs liked it, but the rest of us thought it was greasy and overcooked. Then we actually went to the place and realized the fresh pies are a zillion times better. Too bad about the wait.

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