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Your First Look at Taim Mobile: Curious about Taim's new food truck? It parked in SoHo yesterday, and our Downtown section was there for the madness. Spoiler Alert: It's freakin' amazing (natch.)  No word yet on when they plan on braving Midtown

Psych! No Taim Mobile in Midtown Today: Shorty after we rejoiced in the news that Taim Mobile would be spending their first official day in Midtown, they sent this disappointing message. (Spoiler: They're going to wait a bit longer before coming to Midtown.)  As smart as we know it is for food trucks to get settled before braving the Midtown Lunch crowds, it still hurts a bit...

Taim Mobile Coming to Midtown Tomorrow!?

When news first broke that Taim would be launching a food truck, we were curious where they would plant their flag. Answer? Midtown!!! The truck had its soft opening this past weekend, and is spending today working out some of the kinks. But according to this the official launch will be tomorrow, and they’re hoping to find a parking space in Midtown. Easier said than done of course, but we’re pulling for them! Track their location tomorrow on Twitter, or the ML Twitter Tracker.

Taim Coming to Midtown in a Truck?

Back in April FeastNY reported that the much loved West Village fancy falafel joint Taim would be opening up a food truck.  Not all trucks come to Midtown, so we kept our excitement in check- hoping not to get burned.  Well, after seeing this yesterday we allowed ourselves to get a little pumped.  Not only is the Taim Truck set to open at the beginning of next month, but Midtown is on their radar. You can track their progress on their Facebook Page.