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Schnitzel & Things To Open Storefront on 3rd Ave

Not sure what it is about the holidays, but it seems like every year around this time there is always some kind of big opening or closing- and this year’s bombshell dropped over the weekend…  The Schnitzel & Things Truck has signed a lease for the old Kushi Q space (on 3rd Ave. btw. 45+46th) where they plan to open a brick and mortar store in late February, early March.  This is actually just the latest in what appears to be a new trend among food trucks.  Last week the truck formerly known as NYC Cravings made their big jump to brick and mortar, opening Bian Dang in the new Food Gallery 32.  And, of course, The Dessert Truck, Cupcake Stop, and Calexico have had their brick and mortar locations up and running for awhile.

The plan for the new location is to carry all your favorites from the truck, plus add veal to the menu as a permanent option. There were also be a few new side dishes, and tons of specials- some of which they’ve been tinkering with for the past few months on the truck.  We’re also hearing rumors that for dessert they’ll be selling various goodies from the Treats Truck.  As for Midtown West, and the rest of NYC’s schnitzel fans, don’t worry too much.  The truck will continue to operate just like before.

Video: Andrew Zimmern Makes Schnitzel & Jerk Chicken in Midtown

Remember when Andrew Zimmern visited the Schnitzel & Things Truck back in September for his MSN web series Appetite for Life?  Well it turns out he also visited the Jamaican Dutchy!  The video was just posted, and it shows him having a great time making Schnitzel with Oleg, and Jerk Chicken with O’Neil (which he calls the best jerk chicken he’s ever had.)  Check out the video after the jump…

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Thanksgiving Comes Early at Schnitzel & Things

Turkey Schnitzel

Have you ever wanted to try a fried turkey, but didn’t want to risk the burnination and ensuing humiliation, law suits, and possible further disgrace on Youtube? Look no further than Schnitzel & Things, which is giving turkey the schnitzel treatment this week in honor of National Turkey Day. The turkey schnitzel ($10 for the platter) is pounded flat, panko’d and expertly fried to a golden crisp. Add a dab of sriracha mayo, and I don’t think even those socialist pilgrims would be able to resist.

The Schnitzel & Things truck turkey special ends today, so go and gobble one down to practice for the real deal tomorrow. They’re located at Park Ave between 26th & 27th St today, but be sure to double check twitter or the ML twitter tracker before heading out.

Schnitzel & Things is Free All Week Long

Just spotted this over on Wined and Dined… The Schnitzel & Things Truck has been co-opted by Austrian Airlines this week and they’ll be giving away free food all week long.  The good news is they’ll be in Midtown practically every single day this week (Flatiron managed to steal one day), giving away free bites of schnitzel from 11am until 3pm (or when supplies run out).  What’s that?  You were hoping for a filling meal from Schnitzel & Things Truck this week, and free samples aren’t going to cut it?   Quit your whining.  It’s just one week… and everything is FREE!

Check out the full schedule after the jump.

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It’s Chicken Strogonoff Day at Schnitzel & Things: Schnitzel & Things is back to their crazy ways again... a few weeks ago it was a lamb stew special, today it's chicken stroganoff with cremini mushrooms.  $10 w/ fries, $7 without, and as a warning the lamb stew sold out at 12:05pm last time, so you might want to get there early.  According to the ML Twitter Tracker they'll be on 46th btw. 5+6th (but you'll probably want to check before heading out.)

Watch Andrew Zimmern Shame A Healthy Lunch’er Into Eating Schnitzel

Speaking of eating bugs… Andrew Zimmern was in Midtown yesterday doing a mini tour of his favorite Midtown food trucks for MSN’s Appetite For Life.  First he hit up the Schnitzel and Things truck, where he manned the fryers and chatted with customers, before heading over to Kelvin Slush for an afternoon cool down.  Our man Chris H. grabbed this photo of him ordering a ginger, mint and basil slush, and the S&T Truck posted some video on their twitter account.

Our favorite is the one in which our hero shames a girl eating a “healthy” lunch into trying some of his schnitzel. Check out all the videos after the jump…

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Andrew Zimmern Getting Schnitzified on Tuesday

The Schnitzel & Things Truck might not have won the Vendy Awards this past weekend, but I wouldn’t feel too bad for them! Andrew Zimmern is going to be paying them a visit tomorrow while they’re parked in Midtown on 46th btw. 6+7th! (starting around 11-11:30am.) When I heard the news last week I thought for sure that the Schnitzel Burger was finally about to get its moment in the spotlight! (That’s bizarre enough for Bizarre Foods, right?)   Not so, says S&T Owner Oleg.  AZ will actually be manning the fryer (!) and getting a lesson in how to make Schnitzel for Appetite for Life on MSN.

And speaking of Andrew Zimmern…

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Schnitzel & Things Off Until September 7th: If you find yourself craving schnitzel more than once every two weeks, you might want to hit up the Schnitzel & Things Truck today... after today they'll be on vacation through September 7th. Hit 'em up on 52nd and Lex between 11:30am and 2pm. To see where the other trucks are today, check out the ML Twitter Tracker.

Schnitzel Lab Working on Chicken Fried Steak?

If you want something all you have to do is ask people! Earlier today Profiled Lunch’er “Patrick” had a request for the Schnitzel & Things Truck… and it looks like they were listening.  This has the potential to be way better than the Schnitzel Down.

What Would You Like to See Schnitzified?

Free Schnitzified Proscuitto & Ricotta Balls Alert

And the first item to be schnitzified by the Schnitzel & Things Truck is… proscuitto and ricotta! (They amended the tweet to note that there isn’t actually rice in the fried balls.) They’re parked on 48th and 6th… and we’re guessing these are going to go fast. Godspeed freeloaders. Godspeed.

What Would You Like to See Schnitzified?