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Day One at the Newly Opened Rock Center Jacques Torres

Jacques Torres at Rock Center
Yesterday the Rock Center concourse branch of Jacques Torres opened. When I heard that JT himself would be on hand for the official opening, and that there was free hot chocolate involved I had to go check it out. I dropped by just before noon and the store wasn’t crowded. Chef Torres himself was greeting people at the door. The shop itself is brightly lit and all done up for Valentine’s Day. There are 3 small tables for eating/drinking in and four additional stools at the bar. Read more »

Rock Center Jacques Torres Opening Tomorrow!

As I type this the finishing touches are being put on Rock Center’s brand new Jacques Torres!!! I made a quick stop by at lunch today and the place is looking great. Peeking in from the window I could see an espresso bar and a few tables for eating in.  And I’m pretty sure I spied Mr. Chocolate himself, doing some hands on lifting and set up. They are officially opening tomorrow and JT will be there from 10 until noon. So excited to see the Godiva space taken over by superior chocolate.  Dessert win for Rock Center! 

Any Idea Where Tracy Jordan’s “Staples” Is?

Did you happen to catch last week’s 30 Rock episode, which featured Tracy Jordan trying to convince Jack Donaghy to invest in a new Times Square theme restaurant featuring “unlicensed versions of Japanese monsters battling it out in the dining room”.  Eater posted a clip, and asked if anybody knows where it was filmed. From the looks of it, we’d guess somewhere in the non-restaurant depths of Rock Center.  (It actually looks more like the lobby of 30 Rock than a restaurant.)  This isn’t the first time 30 Rock has delved into ML territory… in Season 1, Kenneth’s church was hidden behind a secret door in the back of Margon (but that wasn’t tough to recognize.) Anybody know the place in last week’s episode?

Rock Center Farmers Market Returns Today

Hoda Kotb at the Rock Cente Greenmarket
Yup… that’s Hoda.

Today is the first day of the annual summer Rock Center Farmer’s Market. As in years past you can find them set up at the North Plaza, Rockefeller Place at 50th Street every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from now through September 3rd. The vendors vary each day so I’ve put together a little guide to some of my favorites.
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Trying Out McCormick & Schmick’s $10 Lunch Special

_MG_9959 - Version 2

I wasn’t immediately excited when I read about the $10 lunch special at the bar of McCormick & Schmick’s. I like cheap lunch specials at a fancy restaurant just as much as the next guy (i’m looking at you burger from Wolfgang’s, but schlepping up to Rockefeller Center didn’t really seem worth it in this heat. Then I saw that a half po’ boy and lobster bisque was among the options – I reconsidered. I love a po’ boy and haven’t had a one since our ML Team excursion to the Grand Central Oyster Bar. Clearly I was past due.

See what ten bucks gets you after the jump.

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Lunch’er Chris Reports: Taste of Summer at Rock Center (and Midtown’s First Taste of Bill’s Bar & Burger)

Back in May Lunch’er “Chris” was kind enough to tell us about Arirang’s kal gook soo, and the soup from the Korean Noodle Soup cart on 49th. Yesterday he checked out the Taste of Summer event going on in Rock Center during lunch through Thursday, and filed this report for those who were considering checking it out…

There’s nothing like a generous tip, and thanks to yesterdays tip about the “Taste of Summer” thing going on in front of Rock Center (which includes a sneak peek of the much anticipated Bill’s Bar & Burger), I rushed over to check it out. Just like last year, Rockefeller Center has beckoned a selection of restaurants from the subterranean corridors in order to vend a budget friendly (almost all items are under $10) taste of their wares on the ground level main plaza. In the midst of the lineup of chain restaurants, harmless delis and upscale steakhouses, are there any bright spots in Rock Center? And what’s this hubbub over Bill’s Bar & Burger?

Find out after the jump…

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Auntie Anne’s Fail; Gulluoglu Having “Issues”

It appears as if the Rock Center Cinnabon has claimed its first victim.  Blondie and Brownie is reporting that the Auntie Anne’s in the Rock Center concourse has closed. Thankfully we still have the other four Midtown locations to fall back on for our cinnamon topped, butter soaked pretzel needs.  Also in sad-pastry-news, Lunch’er “Owen” emailed in this morning to say that Gulluoglu, the amazing baklava haven on 52nd St. and 2nd Ave, is closed because of some sort of “sprinkler” issue. Might have to hit up the Turkish kiosk in Bryant Park as a temporary replacement until Gulluoglu reopens…

Photo courtesy of Blondie and Brownie.

Delicious Rock Center Greenmarket Finds: In case you missed it, Blondie and Brownie were all about the Rock Center Greenmarket last week- writing about the Pennsylvania Dutch treats available on Wednesdays and Thursdays,and the Valley Sheperd Creamery gelato available on Fridays.

Pop Up Bar 30 Opens in Rock Center Plaza

Remember that house thing that popped in Rock Center Plaza for Ina Garten a few weeks ago? Well, undoubtedly inspired by the pop up bar in Bryant Park, they’ve decided to leave it up and convert it to a bar/restaurant through September 4th. It’s open from 11am to 10pm daily, and will serve food and drinks. You wouldn’t think there would be anything Midtown Lunch worthy in this news, but this week’s menu (provided by the Rock Center Cafe) includes mini fontina sliders (for $10), and a $10 grilled proscuitto pizza. (There’s also a mini lobster roll for $12, but I don’t like the sound of the word “mini”.)

Next week the food will be taken over by AJ Maxwell’s, and if it’s anything like their $10 special lunch take out menu, that might be worth taking a look at too. Plus there’s a Happy Hour every day starting at 5pm, with two special drinks being offered for $7. All things considered, it might be not terrible…

Rock Center Greenmarket is Now Open


The annual summertime Rock Center Greenmarket opened for business on Wednesday.  It’s located on Rockefeller Plaza between 50th and 51st and features all sorts of fresh fruit, produce, bread, and cheese.  Plus Blondie and Brownie are reporting that Katchkie Farms (the same farm that is in at the Port Authority Greenmarket on Thursdays) will be at Rock Center every Friday (i.e. today) selling sandwiches and lasagna (?!?)  The Rock Center Greenmarket will run every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8am to 6pm through September 4th.

A Look at the Rock Center Greenmarket from Years Past