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2 Bros. New Burgers Are Like a Better McDonald’s

I love 2  Bros Pizza. Their $1 slices of pizza represent the marriage of value and quality that I believe is at the heart of all the best Midtown Lunches. Back in July we noticed that the newest 2 Bros. (on 46th btw. 5+6th) was going to be launching similarly budget-conscious burgers. Cheap burgers are a more dubious proposition than cheap pizza, but I had to find out if the 2 Bros. crew could pull off the same magic they have with their pizza.
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2 Bros. Pizza Trying Out New “Burger Bros” Concept

As if Midtown didn’t already have enough new burger places popping up… yesterday, Lunch’er “Diamondjim” dropped this bomb in the comments re: the newish branch of 2 Bros. Pizza (on 46th btw. 5th+6th):

“Tucked-away signage spotted inside 2 Bros. today:

Burger Bros.
$1.50 burger
$1.75 cheeseburger
$2.75 double cheeseburger
$1.00 fries
$??? milkshake (didn’t remember the price)!!!”

$1 pizza is one thing, but burgers?  We touched based with the owner of 2 Bros. who confirmed the news…

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2 Bros Pizza on 46th is Now Open

This just in… the 2 Bros. on 46th btw. 5+6th opened last night.  What a better way to kick off Memorial Day Weekend than with a couple slices of $1 pizza- right?

Another 2 Bros Pizza Opening This Week

There is no shortage of 99 cent pizza on the fringes of Midtown…  9th Avenue, 8th Avenue, Lexington and 3rd. But now it looks like the $1 slice is finally going to land smack dab in the center of Midtown.  2 Bros, the St Marks institution that started invading Midtown last year, will be opening its 3rd Midtown location on 46th btw. 5+6th.  They plan on being open sometime this week.

$1 Pizza Not For Bloggers, Cabbies, or Pizza Lovers… It’s For Homeless People

Where the New York Times Goes, the DOH Will Follow (With Their Stupidity)


Ouch.  Nothing like ending your biggest PR week of all time with a little Department of Health action.  Lunch’er Alvin spotted this in the window of the new 2 Bros Pizza location on 38th and 8th.  It’s too soon for the inspection to be posted on the DOH website, so we have no idea why they were closed- but with a new place like this it’s probably something stupid, like not having the proper sink installed.  No word on when they will reopen…

UPDATE: The owner just checked in with an explanation… and surprise! It is something stupid.

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$1 Pizza Not For Bloggers, Cabbies, or Pizza Lovers… It’s For Homeless People

This morning’s New York Times has an article on the rising popularity of the two major $1 pizza empires in New York City99 Cent Fresh Pizza and 2 Bros. Some interesting tidbits… $1 pizza has “delighted, dismayed and disturbed pizza lovers, food bloggers and rival pizzeria owners” (who knew!?), the Manager of DiFara thinks “it’s great… for the people that aren’t interested in high-quality product” (ouch!), some businesses buy the pizza in bulk and resell it for twice the price (really?), and the inspiration for the original 99 Cent Fresh Pizza place behind Port Authority was wanting to help homeless people (I actually believe that.) The article didn’t mention the brand new 2 Bros that just opened on 8th Ave., but it did break the news that 99 Cent Pizza will be opening a new location on 34th Street and 3rd Ave. next month. Nice.

A New 99 Cent Pizza Battle Surfaces
$1 Slice Alert: St. Marks’ 2 Bros. Pizza is Officially Open
99¢ Fresh Pizza (Expands its Mini Empire!!!)

2 Bros Pizza 8th Ave. is Now Open


Still skeptical about the pizzacones? (How could you not be!) Well, K! Pizzacone isn’t the only big Midtown pizza grand opening today.  Just received word that the new location of 2 Bros Pizza (on 8th Ave. and 38th Street) is now open for business.  $1 pizza vs. $5 strange new pizza in cone form. Tough decision! (Or not…)

New 2 Bros Pizza Will Open Any Day


Thanks to Lunch’er Spacegirl for sending in this photo of the new 2 Bros Pizza location opening on 8th Ave. and 38th.  They’re running a few weeks late, but should be open any day now.  (Just waiting on one last gas permit from the city…)

2 Bros Pizza Opening Two More Midtown Locations
$1 Slice Alert: St. Marks’ 2 Bros. Pizza is Officially Open

2 Bros Pizza Opening Two More Midtown Locations

It looks like 2 Bros Pizza is not going to stop at just one Midtown location.  Apparently their Port Authority location on 40th and 9th is doing so well, they have plans to open two more in the next 3 months.  We’re hearing that the first will open in 7-10 days on 8th Ave. and 38th Street, followed by another location in March in the Diamond District area.  Fans of 99 cent pizza should be excited about this news.  The owners of 99 Cent Fresh Pizza?  Not so much.

$1 Slice Alert: St. Marks’ 2 Bros. Pizza is Officially Open

Atomic Wings Goes Nuclear on 2 Bros. Pizza


When I posted about the newest addition to the 2 Bros. Pizza menu a few weeks back, I mistakenly thought they’d catch some flack from their neighbors to the north, Piece of Chicken (on 45th btw. 8+9th.) Well it looks like they’re getting it from the south instead. Lunch’er Janine (from Life With Food and Drink) sent in this report earlier today:

“There are currently guys in atomic wings sandwich boards prowling/picketing outside of both 2 bros pizza and sandwich planet…trying to poach customers, I assume. I sense a war coming on…”

Picketing? Were they calling for a boycott, or just promoting their new lunch special? Sadly, by the time I got there the Atomic Wings marketing machine had shut down for the day.

2 Bros Pizza Finally Adds $1 Fried Chicken