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DoubleTree by Hilton New York Times Square West Celebrates their 500th Hotel & National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

Come Enjoy a Warm Cookie and a Chance to Win a Stay at their New 500th Hotel!

WHO: DoubleTree by Hilton New York Times Square West

WHAT: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day –

Monday, May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and The DoubleTree by Hilton is celebrating! Between the hours of 2PM and 4PM, the newly opened hotel will be handing out their famous warm DoubleTree Cookies in their outdoor atrium. All are welcome to stop by and enjoy a warm DoubleTree Cookie.

Attendees are invited to take a guess at how many chocolate chips are in their cookie jar… The person with the closest guess receives a complimentary 1 night stay and a copy of Doubletree’s Cookie Cookbook – “We Have Cookies: Taste the World of DoubleTree by Hilton.”

WHERE: 350 West 40th Street, (between 8th and 9th Avenues)

WHEN: Monday, May 15th | 2PM – 4PM

Freeloaders, engage!


  • And now for something completely different … lunch in midtown

    Anybody try Jamrock Jerk on 40th & Mad yet ? Looks interesting albeit expensive. But oxtails cannot be denied.

    • Content! It’s been a mere two years since a new entry on this page after all.

      Jamrock Jerk — seriously? — appears to set up at 53rd/Park on Thursdays, which I did not know when I went to lunch today, damnit, so I’ll see if they’re around next week. (Mad/40th is a Wednesday thing for them.)

      • Convinced a cow-orker to visit Jamrock Jerk today early, at 52nd/6th. Apparently not all the meats are ready at once, but eventually he walked away with all three meals offered: oxtail, chicken, and pork. The chicken was charred and smoky and rather in-your-face spicy, with lots of crispy skin. The pork was my favorite, also very smoky, but tender and delicious. The oxtail… I get it, it’s meltingly delicate and not cheap compared to a pork shoulder or chicken carcass, but it was not a very large amount for the $15. Sides of salad and rice-and-red beans were fine and forgettable.

        So many workers mill about getting meals together. I see the reasoning behind the $15 price point but the line will keep it from becoming a regular visit. Good for them, though!

      • Saw that exact JJ today and yes the line was onerous. Thanks for reviewing them finally! Can you mix meats or were those 3 separate orders you got?

      • Three separate orders – I would guess you can order a combo to some extent if you’re ordering for one person, but it wasn’t really worth it for in our circumstances (two hungry adult males) to do that. I would 100% try if by myself though.

  • comments ARE out of temporal order !!!!! aiiiyyeeeee!!!!!!

  • For those of you near Grand Central, I have been loving the Great Northern and their 2 smorebrod for $11 deal. Steak tartare, herring and chicken salad all big winners.

    • Why have I heard of them? I think maybe Sietsema visited there, or somewhere that had smorebrod (with various diacriticals).

      • Sietsema wrote up the place in the east village which is also great, Great Northern is similar – but obviously easier to get to for midtowners. Love me a smorebrod.

  • Freak of the Week.

    Maybe this is the week I try the $15 Jamrock Jerk, given a whole host of my eating options might be disrupted a while thanks to yesterday’s unfortunate helicopter accident.

  • Hey everybody, any update on street-meat-palooza?

    • LOL … I had a lamb Kati Roll at Kwik Meal today. THat’s about as close as we’re gonna get.

      • Hey, I’ve got four halal carts on rotation. Well, three, as the Halal Guys have again set the pace by upping the platter to $9, while other carts around Midtown stick to the $7-$8 range. (Freddy’s on 53/Park has been $8-$9 for a long time but for different meats and vegetables.)

        Halal Freak of the Week, too.

      • I had Rafiqi’s yesterday

      • I had it today, there was a “Tandoori Chicken” special for $9. Perfectly fine but not sure if it’s worth an extra $3 from a regular chicken and rice platter.

        Jamrock Jerk’s line was just oppressively long, so I had to skip.

  • Update! It’s Tuesday and it’s Freak of the Week day, and Freddy’s King of Falafel on 53rd/Park is still a delight. And still $9 for the Ashley Platter (meats, salad, no rice). And the line of customers seems to have gotten back, finally, to queueing the proper way on a busy city sidewalk.

    • It’s another beautiful Tuesday, the sky is cloudy, and the Mexican cart on 50th between 6th and 7th consistently churns out a surprisingly good mole and Mission-style burritos for eight bucks, run by two ladies who know what they’re doing. Plus the artwork on the cart is art like in a museum, you know?

  • It’s Tuesday, and Fred still hasn’t figured out how to see anything on Midtown Lunch, not that he ever needed to be here given his lack of proximity to Midtown or even New York, but he did love him some Freaks of the Week.

    Nothing new, alas. My week is generally three times at a halal cart and twice at the Mexican, Indian, or Melt Shop type places during the summer, so it’s hardly eye-opening. Anyone else?

  • Is everyone on vacation?

    • Got bored, haven’t seen anything interesting food-wise that doesn’t have an obscene line (Jamrock Jerk at 52/6 on Tuesday still had a dozen people in line during the rainstorm), and I can talk to myself at home fairly well.

      My weekly lunch rotation typically consists of two or three halal carts, the Mexican women with the cart on 50th between 6th and 7th, plus one random lunch with a co-worker per week, that tends to be Souvlaki Truck or one of the Dig/Naya/Little Beet-ish places.

      Anything new with you?

      • I got a free travel coffee mug at Grand Central today, that was sweet. Last week I went to Delmonico’s downtown for the first time, it lived up to the hype, I thought. The restaurant week deal was good.

  • Great Northern Smorrebrod FTW! Steak tartare, herring, all of it is great!

  • Tried the Curried Goat (not Goats, *shudder*) at the Jamaican truck that somehow had business yesterday while the Jamrock Jerk smoker was parked next to it at 52nd/6th. Given the choice between rice-and-peas and mac-and-cheese, I think you know what I got. Rather pleased with the goat, the curry had a little kick, but the M&C was fairly devoid of flavor (and not particularly cheesy).

  • It’s a freak of the week kinda day, yo.

    • October is filled with Tuesdays, and this is also one. Must one be a freak of the week to enjoy Tuesday? I think not. But it helps.

      • It also helped me notice that the leaderboard was getting JUST A LITTLE TOO CLOSE to a sweep. And that would be much too freaky.

      • If there’s one way to get you to post something, it’s by securing the top three spots on the leaderboard.

  • Lately there’s been a number of database outages. I fear the end is nigh. Wayne, better scrape all the FOTW pictures from the site before they’re gone for good!

  • Wednesday freak of the week! Since the servers were down until today.

    • Is it coincidence that ML momentarily awoke from its coma on Tuesday this week?

      Freak of the Wzzzzzzz

      • Who woke me up, geez?

        Content: Jamaican Jerk Hut not on the 52nd/6th corner today, but the “Jamaican” (in parentheses because my Jamaican coworkers don’t consider it authentic) truck was. Conspiracy?

      • Freak Snowstorm ofThe Week !

      • Look, Ma! The server is back up! Too bad there’s nothing new in the neighborhood to report about. Guess it’s Eat-a-Tourist Friday again.

      • Every Tuesday, us last few hangers-on are allowed to peek into the site, post our snarky Freak of the Week! message, and then watch as the database goes back down again. It’s almost soothing.

  • site up on a sa, this time.

    anyone ask zach why the “about” page is in chinese?

  • I guess Noon Town Lunch’s new owners will start producing content now, right?

    I wonder if anyone affiliated with the site still gets a notification when we post a comment, and if they get misty-eyed when they see it.

    • They get misty eyed thinking about the mere trickle of yuan and remimbi coming in that they thought was going to be a windfall. Damn those fickle imperialist Noon Town Lunch commenters !!!

    • I think my last comment got deleted. I was alerted that I should say hi. Its been a minute, but you boys are still REALLY weird. In Midtown Lunch News, I recently did catering from Anatolia Mediterranean and they did a good job.

    • Start a new thread, geez. This one is way up the page when one is logged in.

  • testing 1 2 3

  • Although my test post (testing 123) did post to the main thread, pretty much all posts I try to make on the main thread look like they save but (usually) never appear. I am going to post this text several times in the hopes it will save and appear just once, and hope any/all can advise (or are we limited to just replying to Wayne now)

  • Ok, that worked. I have informed Jamie of the current non-nonfunctional state of MTL and hopefully she will drop by

  • Fred, you’re late.

  • ‘Work from Home Lunch’: I had a ham sandwich and hung out with the dog

    • Working from home has meant so many takeout lunches around the neighborhood. I’ll be broke but fat. Also scored a lot of beer from The Jeffrey for criminally low prices.

  • It doesn’t appear that new comments make it to the “Last Four” any more. Even worse, maybe new comments only appear to the person who wrote them! Maybe Wayne and Fred and everyone else have been commenting away and I just can’t see their responses! FOMO! FOMO!

  • Nah, everything works fine … well excepting ML


  • Hm, it could be that when I post a link it doesn’t get listed in the Last Four. This is a test of that theory.

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