Biryani Cart Launches Butcher’s Choice Today

Meru from Biryani Cart is constantly reinventing himself. Starting today, he will have a second cart next to the original Biryani Cart on 46th ┬áStreet and 6th Avenue. This one is branded as Butcher’s Choice and will be specializing in Philly Cheese Steaks. They’ll cost just $6 and feature spicy pepperjack cheese.

The only other menu item will be charcoal grilled chicken shish kabobs. Meru has done everything from Chinese food to spicy chicken wings to sandwiches. Curious to see how he does with cheesesteaks. Early adopters, let us know how it is.

Butcher’s Choice, SW Corner of 46th and 6th



    The “little too early” edition

  • So I got this today. (Side note: no line at Chick-fil-A across the street, either.)

    The sandwich is really big. Meru had to cram it into the styrofoam container to fit. It’s dressed with loads of salad – onions and peppers from the grill, plus lettuce. The meat isn’t particularly abundant, so the bread:meat ratio feels off. That’s partly because the hero roll is so big and fluffy. But it’s plenty spicy from the liquid cheese and the red pepper flakes and the orange sauce.

    It’s also absolutely worth $6. The roll is considerably wider (and less Philadelphia-authentic) than those at Phil’s or Gary’s or Carl’s steak trucks/carts, and it’s only slightly less meaty than any of those, which would be $10+.

  • Meru cuts about 1 inch off each end of hero… perhaps to make up for the lack of meat. Yet, I still feel there was not enough meat for this size of sandwich. Hence, the bread overwhelms all other flavors in the sammy. I don’t plan on going back for the philly cheese steak.

    The chicken kabob however is extremely plentiful. It felt like there was a fully pond of dark chicken meat crammed onto the skewer. In fact, there was so much meat, the skewer was on the verge of breaking under all that weight. The chicken was very moist, tender and tasty. If I had to critique it though, it could have used some seasoning… but the meat was capable of holding its own. A great value for only $3… throw it on a bun and it would be solid meal on its own.

    • Those kebabs did indeed look like a tasty lunch.

      I wish he’d get smaller rolls. I’d rather eat a sandwich that looks like it should cost $6, than one that just has a roll big enough to pass for $10 hiding the contents of a $6 sandwich.


    The “early again” edition

  • R.I.P. ML :(

  • Does anyone know if Meru’s Vooter-Adda (fried rice) cart ever came back? Never got a chance to try it.

  • Looks like it’s going to be a hat-trick, Fred

  • You know things are bad when it’s a Tuesday and Fred hasn’t called freak.


    The “got a little extra busy at the quarry today, but fear not, I am here” edition

  • Wha … What month is it again? I tend to get drunk for the summer and forget. Wake me up when the leaves start to turn

  • What do you call one more than a hat-trick?


    The “a fearsome foursome?” edition

  • I haven’t seen this cart any time I went, is it still there?

  • Fred … prep the Platinum Sombrero

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    A story for you, “Lan Sheng closed, why?” Seriously, I am curious. Was one of the best midtown lunches in all of midtown. I am sad.


    The “Platinum Sombrero” edition

  • No new posts in a month. Is it over for ML?

  • If anyone’s interested:

    - A new Indian joint opened last week on 38th between 7th and 8th called Indian Project. I’ve been there twice so far and the food is excellent and the portions are generous. The ordering process was a little chaotic when they first opened but they seem to have that worked out now.

    - New Ramen/Dumpling place on 8th between 39th and 40th called Kung Fu Kitchen. Haven’t tried them yet but the space is large, the food looks good and the place is always crowded.

  • What comes after platinum?

  • Titanium… Then we have to go to comic book ones

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